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The Pajiba Power Rankings

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | November 29, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | November 29, 2010 |

10. Sons of Anarchy: Here’s one major problem I have with this season of “SoA”: There were ten episodes or so that all mostly revolved around getting Abel back. They went to Ireland, for fuck’s sake. And when they finally do retrieve him, it seemed so anti-climactic. That was supposed to be the big moment. Still, I am thankful they’ve returned to Charming, and the way that Agent Stahl turned around and shot her lover in the head was bad-ass cold blooded. Man: Is there a more evil woman than her?

9. Parenthood : The Braverman family and Thanksgiving? Kind of perfect, isn’t it. I hope you enjoyed it because, if I’m not mistaken (and I may be), that was the last one until January 4th.

8. Modern Family: I think there’s only one more “Modern Family” left in 2010. This one dealt with Mitchell’s discomfort with Cameron’s Mom, who is a little too touch-y.

7. Dexter: “Dexter” had been picking up significant steam, but this one felt more like a small break in the overall story line (save for Jordan Chase’s phone call to Lumen). Astor returned, and Dexter had to take care of her best friend’s abusive step-father. It was a good episode overall (and Astor must have taken some acting lessons during her break from the show), but it was mostly running in place.

6. The Good Wife: Did Blake just set up Kalinda for an assault that he committed? The dynamic between those two has been fascinating all season long, but the big moment in this episode was the cliffhanger that left us waiting until December 14th to find out how Alicia is going to deal with Will, after she found out that Will spilled his heart in a second voice mail since erased. Also, in terms of firm politics, I’m interested to see if Diane will follow through on her threat to spin-off her practice — it could set up a potential enemy firm, which might be helpful for the show after the DA election is over.

5. How I Met Your Mother: Hurley! (Read the 12 Best Moments from the Episode)

4. Raising Hope: Greg Germann alert! Man, I missed that guy. He’s still fantastic, as he demonstrated here as a deranged therapist and father to the electrocuted Lucy, who — along with his wife — stole Jimmy’s baby. Twice. It’s good to see Richard Fish pop up every once in a while. Bygones.

3. The Walking Dead: I check out the comments to TK’s recaps of “The Walking Dead,” and I’m always shocked to find people who don’t like this show or are disappointed in any of the episodes so far. I don’t understand. (Read the recap)

2. Boardwalk Empire: I apologize that “Boardwalk Empire” hasn’t been featured in many of the Power Rankings of late. Truth is, I fell behind. Now, it returns to its rightful place in the Power Rankings as it works toward its season finale. (Read the recap)

1. Terriers: (*Spoiler*) The penultimate episode, probably of the series: And shit just got real, and I mean: Mumford just got wasted, y’all. And all along, I thought he was going to be the evil bastard. That was almost as cold as Agent Stahl taking out Agent Tyler in “SofA.” The final episode of the season, which airs on Wednesday, is fittingly called, “Hail Mary,” and Shawn Ryan and Co. throw a Hail Mary in their attempts to get picked up for a second season. You still have two days to catch the first 12 episodes, so you can tune into the finale.