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The Colbert Report Takes on #GamerGate with Anita Sarkeesian

By Cindy Davis | Miscellaneous | October 30, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis | Miscellaneous | October 30, 2014 |

Feminist Frequency author, and outspoken gamer video game lover, Anita Sarkeesian was invited to join Stephen Colbert last night to talk about #GamerGate. While the information provided wasn’t necessarily anything we didn’t already know, Colbert amusingly put Sarkeesian through the paces, playing his usual antagonistic game.

Colbert insists he’s a gamer himself — Monopoly, Go Fish… No, seriously — he does play Dark Souls, Assassin’s Creed and scored his (bathroom) high numbers with Call of Duty. Indeed, the host knew all the #GamerGate angles to hit: journalistic ethics, collusion, anti-gamers criticizing the gamer lifestyle. “I’m not ashamed of my hobby. That’s why I do it alone in my basement.” Colbert went straight to the heart of the matter, got up in Sarkeesian’t face and accused her: “You and the other Feminazis in the gamer world are coming for our balls to snip ‘em off, and put ‘em put them into a little felt purse and take ‘em away so we have to play your non-violent games…”

Here’s the entertaining segment:

You just can’t keep a straight face (nor can he) when Colbert says: “Ms. Pacman can gobble my ghost anytime.”

Oh Colbert, you’re not fooling anyone; ONE OF US (feminist).

Be sure to read Sarkeesian’s excellent New York Times op-ed published this week. “Those who police the borders of our hobby, the ones who try to shame and threaten women like me into silence, have already lost.”

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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