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The 'Best' of 'Men Writing Women'

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | July 30, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | July 30, 2019 |


You guys are gonna love this one. I can tell.

Either that or you’re gonna wanna don that balaclava, light that Molotov, and literally burn everything down.

Or just be sick. Violently sick.

Because this stuff is gold. Pure, unadulterated gold. And by gold I mean diabolical trash.

We’re all aware of the phenomenon that is men writing women terribly. ‘Breasted boobily downwards’ being the immortal piss-take of that particularly cringey type of male author who writes about women in just the most appalling ways. Did you know that boobs are separate characters for example? It’s true, ask a male author. Boobs also function as stoplights, weather vanes, and they send smoke signals. Sometimes, on rare occasions, an actual woman is attached to them! Or so the legends say.

So here, for your boobs’ viewing pleasure, are some highlights from the subreddit ‘Men Writing Women’:

What the hell? from r/menwritingwomen
this made my breasts frown. from r/menwritingwomen
Thank God for the bikini wax. from r/menwritingwomen
a raw, sexual, dandelion fluff force. from r/menwritingwomen
Reddit writing about a former coworker from r/menwritingwomen
Female Caracter creator for Men Writers! from r/menwritingwomen
Boobs have emotions now from r/menwritingwomen
The stunning Claudia from r/menwritingwomen
From the pointy chin to the aristocratic toe from r/menwritingwomen
i posted this while waiting for my pee to arrive at my bladder from r/menwritingwomen
Note to self: remember to display breasts with admirable nonchalance. from r/menwritingwomen
The deepest and darkest secret… from r/menwritingwomen
Sounds like he earned that award tbh from r/menwritingwomen
no lies here from r/menwritingwomen
Let’s Go Girls from r/menwritingwomen
Just writing a strong female character… from r/menwritingwomen
I love answering the door topless! from r/menwritingwomen
Shakespeare making fun of menwritingwomen from r/menwritingwomen
Good Omens from r/menwritingwomen
The Muse’s Revenge from r/menwritingwomen

Bonus Jo-Ro!

Petr is a staff contributor. You can follow him on Twitter.

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