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The Best Heads of Hair In The Business. What's Your Secret? You Can Tell Me. Is It Unicorn Blood? It's Unicorn Blood, Isn't It?

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | February 22, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | February 22, 2011 |

Oh sure, I hear ya. Celebrities have access to all kinds of schmancy products and teams of fawning assistants to make ensure that every curl, fringe and wave is in place. But, let’s face it, some are just more follicularly blessed than others. I don’t know what they’re slathering on their rich, famous heads. But I want some.

Sofia Vergara: I had Ms. Vegara turn around for this photo so you wouldn’t be distracted by her other…assets… frontsets?


Amanda Seyfried: Say what you will about Ms. Seyfried’s wide-eyed resemblance to a fish (mudskipper, I believe it was), the girl has really great goldy locks.


Connie Britton: Have you watched “Friday Night Lights” yet? I’ll keep bothering you until you do. Tami Taylor (as played by the lovely Connie Britton) has the most gorgeous hair (especially when it’s framing sassy looks like this one).


Esperanza Spalding: Listen, this young lady is uber talented and I have to thank the Grammy’s for bringing her to my attention. Also, great f*cking hair. Even Bieber thinks so.


Robin Wright: First of all, we’re all glad you’ve dropped the “Penn” from your life and your name. It was cumbersome. Second of all, Buttercup, love your hair. Love it.

The Princess Bride 1080p.jpeg

Lucy Liu: Much was made of Portia Di Rossi’s hair when she and Lucy Liu were on “Ally McBeal” but I always preferred Liu’s…even if now, thanks to Tarantino, I associate it with a snowy scalping.


Karen Gillan: I love redheads. I could have done an entire post of redheads. But Gillan is my favorite ginger snap these days. Also. I WANT MORE “DOCTOR WHO” STARTING YESTERDAY, PLEASE.


Adam Scott: Okay, listen gents, there’s nothing wrong with thinning hair or an entirely bald pate. Personally, I find Ed Harris to be molto sexy. But you have to admit there’s something impressive about Adam Scott’s head which has ten times the follicles of the average Joe. I think he may be part hedgehog.


Joanna Robinson whipped her hair back and forth a few times whilst writing this.

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