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Ted Bundy's Childhood Home Is Hella Haunted

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | May 11, 2017 |

By Kristy Puchko | Miscellaneous | May 11, 2017 |

Maybe you’re scoffing at that headline. Maybe you’re like, “Pffft! I don’t believe in ghosts.” Well, neither did the contractor hired to renovate the childhood home of serial killer Ted Bundy. But that was before Casey Clopton stepped foot into the pleasant-looking Tacoma house, where an array of bizarre phenomena beset his team.

Local news team Katu 2 reports Clopton and his Extreme Contracting crew heard doorknobs jiggling and phantom footsteps as they worked on the house. Those, they shook off and ignored, just as Clopton ignored his 11-year-old daughter’s complaints that something didn’t feel right in the place. When she started crying during a short visit to the site, he “just chalked it up to a little girl being scared of the dark.” But like any good ghost story, things only got stranger.

One worker recalled hearing a knock on the door. When he went to answer it no one was there. Every night, when the workers left the site, they’d make sure everything was in order, all the doors and windows locked, the alarm system activated. And still, when Clopton opened up the next days, things had moved. Cabinet doors and drawers were open. And a large, heavy dresser not only fell from its wall mounting, but seems to have been pushed from its place.

In the course of seven months, Clopton’s crew counted 30 unexplained incidents, including two messages. They claim “Help Me” was written on a dirty basement window, seemingly scribbled with a finger as you might do on grungy car windshield. The other was etched in sawdust on the bedroom floor. It read simply: “Leave.”

Clopton’s crew persevered. To fight whatever was going on in this house, they scribbled bible verses on the walls in pencil, brought in a local pastor to bless the house, and played Christian music nonstop. The renovation was completed, and the house sold in April. It’s unknown if the new owners are aware of their place’s creepy eccentricities, or if the last owners had similar experiences.

But here’s the weird bit: if there are ghosts in the house, they are unlikely to have been Bundy’s victims. Though he confessed to 30 murders, Bundy’s killings are believed to have occurred between 1974 and 1978. His family moved out of the Tacoma home in 1965, when he was 19. And while his lengthy and graphic confessions get sketchy about his earliest crimes, he’d said—before being executed—that he first attempted to kidnap a woman in 1969, in New Jersey. But circumstantial evidence suggests he might have started abducting and killing girls by the time he was 14. So could it be that this presence is an unknown victim of the serial killer who referred to himself as “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet”?

Cynics might say Clopton just wanted a moment in the spotlight. Or perhaps that the house’s history got his crew spooked, and ready to turn any bump into something paranormal. But believers will surely be snooping around this colorful little house, hoping to uncover what dark secrets lurk within.

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