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Sundance Diary Day Three

By Amanda Mae Meyncke | Miscellaneous | January 21, 2013 |

By Amanda Mae Meyncke | Miscellaneous | January 21, 2013 |

7:45 AM Wake up and prepare for the day, slathering on less make up than usual. My spirit has been broken.

8 AM Uneventful shuttle ride, though I am grateful to be warm. I start to freak out about waking up so “late,” I should have been at Eccles an hour ago for tickets I’m sure.

8:13 AM Arrive at Eccles theater for a combined press and public screening, this is a huge theater that seats about 1,200 people and it is pretty fun to watch movies with such a big crowd.

8:15 AM Good mood evaporates the second I find out I have to get a wait list ticket since there’s no press line, which means I have to wait and see if all ticket and pass holders show up before they sell tickets to the overflow line.

8:20 AM Am given a wait list ticket, number 86. I’m seething mad, as I have to review this film and if I don’t get in I will be verra angry.

8:30 AM A lady walks up and offers to sell three tickets. I say I want to buy one and have cash in hand but she gives them to three other people even though she nodded at me. I glare at these fools, these self-serving fools and wish them a slight slip on the ice outside. Nothing drastic, no real fall or anything but just a slight skating sensation that knocks their equilibrium for a loop would be great.

8:55 AM They announce we’re all getting in. NOBODY FALL ON THE ICE I TAKE IT ALL BACK.

9 AM Finally find a seat in the back row for Look of Love. I’m so happy to be here I don’t even mind that the screen looks kind of small. The movie is okay, Steve Coogan being Steve Coogan and plennnnnty of tits and ass. Who doesn’t love looking at naked women in ’60s clothes, first thing in the morning? I think James Franco’s with me on this one.

11:30 AM Get out and head to HQ. It’s much colder today I think to myself and then notice I’m walking in the shadows so once I get into the sun I start to think about how warm it is. I am a reed, blowing in the weather wind.

11:45 AM Put in some ticket requests for myself, I need to see Very Good Girls and also Magic Magic. I run into William so we run down and have lunch. He asks me how to pronounce my name and I tell him I have no idea how to, which isn’t very funny at all. I pronounce it and he said his best guess was “manky.” I change the subject.

11: 50 AM They keep threatening us that they’re gonna close the breakfast buffet but by the time we leave, the buffet is still open and a gaggle of women behind us are screaming about waffles. We didn’t get any waffles and so bitterly eye them that they seem tantamount to war criminals in our minds. War criminals who absconded with waffles that were rightfully ours while the sandwiches we ordered turn to dust in our mouths. We shake the dust of this place from our boots and head off to greener pastures.

12:30 PM I’m writing in the lobby of Sundance HQ which is in the Marriot hotel. This is kind of a hub for industry and press folks, but I manage not to see anyone I know.

12:45 PM Someone plugs in their phone and asks me and William to watch it. William waits half a beat and then asks if we’re going to sell it on eBay. I said we should break it first, or maybe just sell a photo.

12:50 Seth walks in and tells me about Concussion. I ask him if it had any lesbian overtones and he says well it’s about a lesbian who’s married to her wife so yeah, it has SOME. I feel shame and worry that in combination with another comment I made about a gay person earlier being mean will be misconstrued in some horrible way. I feel the urge to explain how many gay people I know and love but feel this will be overkill and decide to just politely say nothing and hope nobody but me is keeping a running tab of how many comments I make about gay people.

1 PM Someone behind us on a different computer is on Facebook chat and it’s making a horrible dinging noise every time they receive a message. I plan this person’s downfall and demise.

1:30 PM I’m introduced to someone who hands me a limp fish of a hand and refuses to look in my eyes when he says hello. I’m annoyed and tweet about it. This tweet gets retweeted by a colleague obsessed with manners and I am well-pleased.

4 PM Seated for “Breathe In” which is directed by Drake Doremus who directed “Like Crazy.”

4:30 PM I love this movie. I mean, love’s a strong word. I really, really like it. It’s so slow moving but evocative, all greys and blues of the upper New York countryside. Guy Pearce is great except I want to give him the tiniest hair cut, just to the back fringe of his hair. I go back and forth trying to decide if this is a purposeful move, like he’s supposed to be an uncool teacher. Other than that, Amy Ryan is great as always and Felicity Jones conveys so much through subtle movements, I can’t wait to see more of her work.

7 PM Get out and go to the store for supplies. Head back to the press line and get in line for Interior. Leather Bar.

7:30 PM Abigail texts me this photo of a man laying in the road and says “That’s a body, what do I do?” I don’t get the texts for a little bit and by the time I do, she’s texted another photo of him sitting up and says that she’s called the police.

8PM Talk to a man behind me in line who’s a sales agent for the airline markets. He said that Austenland was so perfectly dumb he got giddy because he knew he could sell it easily to the airlines since they’re “obsessed with Jane Austen.” I explain for the ten billionth time how I became a film critic. I go back to my writing.

9PM Seated for “Interior. Leather Bar.” about which I have some reservations. James Franco making hardcore art house porn doesn’t sound that hot.

9:45 PM Okay, it’s kind of hot. I like how enraged he is about sexuality. “We all watch porn and nobody talks about it!”

10 PM I’m out of my hardcore gay porn fest and text Seth and Conrad while heading up to Main St. It’s really cold but I’m looking forward to a bunch of parties. I am convinced I will stay out all night! I will have a good time! A good time will be had! I feel like Mark Corrigan in “Peep Show,” giving myself a pep talk but carry on none the less.

10:13 PM People on the bus find a pizza in the back and start eating it. “I HAVEN’T EATEN IN THREE DAYS I AM HUNGRY!” One of them shouts. I try not to make eye contact because I don’t want to be involved in the eventual lawsuit.

10:22 PM Text Morgan as well, I had to miss her karaoke party so I feel a little bad, but she writes back quickly that she’s having another party at Cisero’s and I should attend. I decide I will, and text Seth who is with friends. He’s at Sidecar, I’ll meet up with him later.

10:45 PM I’m at Morgan’s party for a Slamdance movie that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, drinking vodka tonics. I like Morgan a lot, she’s the only PR person I know who has such an amazing memory for names and faces. I always think that if I make a movie again I’d love for her to do the PR, she has such a talent for befriending people, and is a genuinely thoughtful individual.

11:30 I leave Morgan’s party amidst a flurry of good byes, having managed not to do or say anything too stupid and head to the Sidecar to find Seth.

11:40 Seth and I walk up to Sundance Channel HQ for a party we’re both RSVP’d for, numerous times. The list checker says “You’re on this list twice.” Yes, that’s how important I am.

11:50 PM Seth and I are at the Bulleit Bourbon party, though buyer beware, they won’t serve you more than three drinks in a row. There’s a bunch of different people from The Wire there, and we watch Omar (Michael K. Williams) freestyle rap for a while. Seth watches all this impassively. We are both tired and decide to head home.

12:15 AM We’re walking down Main St. when I pass by Felicity Jones and reach out to touch her coat. She turns and I tell her that I just saw her and she was wonderful. She thanks me very genuinely, and I keep going. Someone behind me engages her in further conversation, glomming on to my compliment but whatever.

12:20 AM On the bus we see a man wearing pants that Seth describes as “the kind of pants Brit Marling wore in the Q&A for The East.” He snaps a picture and emails it to me with a note that says “for the diary”

photo (1).JPG

12:25 AM I tell him I thought up a really funny title for the diary but I can’t use it unless he does something funny. He says that will never happen so I tell him anyway and laugh so hard I choke, at my own joke. He stares impassively, which I think is standard operating procedure. I will unleash this bit of stupid humor another day.

12:30 AM Seth is delighted that we don’t have the shuttle driver who tells jokes. There’s a few other people on board and the journey homeward is quiet except that the song on the radio is Bonnie Raitt singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and I accidentally say aloud “This is the saddest song.” No one responds, which makes sense. It wasn’t a question and maybe there isn’t really much to say about that anyway.