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Silver Linings Cookbook: 11 Oscar Recipes To Wash The Taste Of MacFarlane Out Of Your Mouth

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | February 24, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | February 24, 2013 |

Whether you’re headed out to an Oscar party or hunkering down this evening, here are some tasty treats you might enjoy. After you’re done cooking, I hope you’ll join Pajiba’s tastiest dish, Courtney Enlow. She’ll be live-blogging and MacFarlane-slamming right here starting at 8pm EST.

Life Of Chicken Pot Pie: Listen, you can tell everyone it’s Tiger Pie, but no one will believe you. Fool me once. (recipe via; pun via; image via)
Life Of Chicken Pot Pie .jpg

Mangoes Unchained: Oh my little troublemakers, there are a lot of ways you could enjoy your mangoes this Oscar night. Smoothies, lassis, salsa, salad, sorbet, etc. Me, I just like them plain. Here’s a simple video on how to cut that flesh free. (pun via; image via)
Mangoes Unchained.jpg

S’Amours: It’s a little hot out here in California for a fire, but those of you back east might like to take this excuse to light up the fire place and roast some mallows. For the rest of us, there’s always the oven S’mours option. Mmmmmmmm, sweet, smothery goodness. (recipe via; pun via; image via)

Zero Dark Thirsty: This drink calls for the darkest rum you can find. (This one is Pajiba appropriate and a personal favorite.) If you’re going to be a purist, you should mix the rum with Coke Zero. If you, like me, think Coke Zero is Satan’s Sludgy Slurry, then don’t torture yourself. (pun via; image via)
Zero Dark Thirsty .jpg

Beets Of The Southern Wild With Ar-Goat Cheese: If you’re looking for something marginally healthier this evening, why not dish up a beet and goat cheese salad with wild southern greens? (pun via; image via)
Beets Of The Southern Wild .jpg

Hushpuppies: If you want something a little less healthy, may I suggest these, the cutest Oscar snacks you’ll ever see? If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could try making Hush Puppy Mamma’s fried gator, providing you can find gator on such short notice. (recipe via; lack of a pun via, image via)
Hush Puppies.jpg

Jessica Plantains: Plantains are somewhat bland on their own but can be a delicious vehicle for flavor and spices. This particular dish should be ginger-y as hell. (recipe via; pun via; image via)
Jessica Plantains.jpg

MoonPie Kingdom: MoonPies are not that different from a S’Amours, except they won’t leave you feeling hollow and empty and despairing. (recipe via; pun via; image via)
Moonpie Kingdom.jpg

Les Miser-Rolls With Ham Hathaway And Hugh Pepperjackcheddar Cheese: Listen, if you find that Anne Hathaway pun too labored, you can always sub in Russell Crowe for all your hammy needs. (recipe via; pun via, image via)
Les Mise-Rolls .jpg

Philly Cheesecake: Drooooooooooooooool. (pun via…uh….who do you think?)
Philly Cheesecake.jpg

John Wilkes Booth’s Shots: If all else fails, folks, bust out the hard stuff. If you’re looking around from some drinking rules you can go the classy route (Esquire Rules), the snooty route (Guardian Rules), the, er, frisky route (The Frisky) or, and this would be my advice, the Vince route (FilmDrunk). Sic Semper Drunkass, my dears.
john wilkes booth shots .jpg