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Shocker: A Bunch of Dudes Are Really Mad About Chris Hemsworth's 'Ghostbusters' Featurette

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | April 27, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | April 27, 2016 |

As you hopefully already saw, Sony released a new Ghostbusters featurette today, which as an Administrative Assistant’s Day tribute, gave us a good long look at Chris Hemsworth’s “Kevin.”

Unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t find Kevin’s ditzy character so amusing. (I say people, as if this is coming from a wide swath of society, but they’re dudes, right? Like, every single one.) As of writing this, a whole bunch of potential movie-goers thought poorly enough of this video that they went to the effort of clicking a button to tell us so.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.36.50 PM.png

They’re fed up with the underrepresentation of men in film and can’t take another instance of that overused, offensive trope of the dumb, hot token male in a female-driven movie. Which would be a really valid criticism, if only that were an actual thing. Which, you know, it’s not.

Now, I hate to draw attention to a bunch of internet fuckwits, but sometimes I just can’t help it. The tears just taste too good. Here are some of my favorites. (Sic throughout because the internet.)

Seriously? why the super ignorant token male character… as if this movie didn’t already shriek “Feminism” to the highest hill top, even Janice in the original movie wasn’t dumb, annoying and loud yes but not dumb.

so now you added the dumb hot guy stereotype.

I just love that this “non-sexist” movie features four ugly, fat and/or old heroines, but the guy is literally a ripped Norse god. No double standards there!

If they made a mainstream comedy and it had Megan Fox (or whoever is a gorgeous actress in your mind) spit into a coffee and then a pervy male character drank it, women would be rightfully going crazy calling it (and men) disgusting.

You guys, they’re onto us. They know about our ninetyties agendas.

also this is like watching a sitcom from the 90ties, where the man is always the dumbest of the 2 parents. could you be even more obivious with your agenda?

They come so close to going full Godwin.

ha ha ha ha.. HILARIOUS!!!………….. this is funny because the solution to slavery is reverse slavery… the solution to genocide is reverse genocide… etc etc….

But, again, Chris Hemsworth playing a bumbling, hot dummy is not a “sort” of anything.

This movie needs to fail hard so this sort of stereotyping can die.

Of course, a “sort” of assholery that DOES exist is assuming that the one man in a movie about women is going to be the only likable or relatable part of the whole thing.

I’m going to make a prediction people are just going to like him and nothing else, and the feminists are going to be furious that the whole thing backfired… and it is going to be glorious :3

Some people are confused because Chris Hemsworth is so good at being a man in Thor, but now he lets women talk and be smarter than him. Like, make a choice, Hemsworth!

so he’s basically the opposite of THOR. THOR is serious,powerful, wise

this guys is foolish, weird, weak and a wimp.

There are also a ton of these dudes who don’t seem to realize that Paul Feig didn’t go line by line with the original Ghostbusters script, gender swapping each character to tell the same story.

Janine Melnitz wasn’t portrayed as being overly stupid. They also didn’t make promo videos of the main cast talking about how sexy she was.

This is like going to see 21 Jump Street and being mad because Channing Tatum isn’t staying true to the spirit of Johnny Depp.

Oh look, it’s male Janine. His job is to be eyecandy for the female audience and is the boy toy of the team. Janine Melnitz was smart and sassy. She was treated as part of the team. And occasionally, she got be a Ghostbuster. She is an example of a strong female character. Something modern feminists consider “sexist.”

Just you TRY to tell us the original was more sexist.
Just you BLOODY TRY.
Janine was treated respectfully.
Janine had brains.
Janine was IN CHARGE with her relationships.
Janine was as snarky as anyone else could be.
This? Is THOR minus whatever brains THOR had left.

in the original, which you people are shitting all over, the main characters were funny without being complete idiots. the secretary janine who hemsworth is replacing was a capable person who read and was not hired for superficial reasons but because she was qualified, and they didn’t spend 10 minutes of screen time on that subject. the writers gave their audience enough credit that all they had to do was show her at a desk and they knew they could put 2 and 2 together. why is flaming garbage can being marketed still?

And some people just can’t handle a good old fashioned coffee gag. Because mouth germs aren’t sexy and why are we being forced to look at women if they’re not being sexy?

Oh and P.S. Drinking coffee like she did after he drank out of it then kinda spit into it is by no means sexy or funny.. It’s fucking disgusting..😷

You know what else isn’t sexy or funny? These male tears. I thought they would be sweet, but they just ended up tasting stale. What a bummer, dudes.