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Rob Zombie Plans to Do Drugs When He Gets Old, Which Is A Retirement Plan We Can All Afford

By Jodi Smith | Miscellaneous | October 1, 2014 |

By Jodi Smith | Miscellaneous | October 1, 2014 |

Rob Zombie is promoting another sure to be heinous horror film with a reddit AMA. I still want my money back for House of 1,000 Corpses, that piece of shit. His Halloween remake was poorly written, executed, and cast, and now he’s got the upcoming 31.

The crowd-funded flick has been slowly releasing sketches of the different characters, which are grotesque clowns and various deviants engaged in horrible acts. You can see those here, though I would suggest you don’t.

I actually find Rob Zombie to be articulate and charming, though this reddit AMA only reflects that in bits and pieces. The redditors, dismayed with Zombie’s short answers, are quick to school him on what does and does not fly around them there parts.


Hi Rob! Longtime fan here. What’s your general opinion on the direction horror films are taking these days? Do you feel the horror genre has become more generic? I absolutely love everything you’ve done, especially The Devil’s Rejects. It’s so refreshing to see film like yours this day and age, keeping it classic and fresh at the same time. Keep up the fantastic work!

Movies in general are more generic. If something sells just make more. That’s Hollywood.

Do you think rockstars should have a retirement age? Can you be rocking out into your golden years, or do you think there’s a time that it begins to look sad? Any rockers you would like to see retire today?

Depends on the rocker. Mick Jagger is still great to watch. Better than most young bands
I saw Buck Owens right before he died and it was one of the best shows I’ve been to… so who knows. For me I hate the fake versions of bands wit hoarily any original members. That seems worse than the real guys getting old.

You did a fantastic job with Halloween. What other horror film would you love to remake?

King Kong vs Godzilla

Would King Kong retain his lightning hands?/He was supposed to be Frankenstein, originally. Which doesn’t make much sense but it does make more sense.

I think my version would make even less sense.


35 years later, and Dawn of the Dead is recognize as a classic horror film. Devils Rejects was forgotten before it left the theaters. I want to like a Rob Zombie flick, please try including some suspense, some tension, characters we care about and a coherent plot.

This guy should work for a studio. He’s good at giving douchey notes.

What are your thoughts on juicing fruits and vegetables?

it is a good thought. Works good for me. Especially after a show and I’m too tired to eat. I TAKE THAT BACK. I’M NEVER TOO TIRED TO EAT.

First let me thank you for such memorable and great horror movies. For my question, is 31 going to be more violent than anything you’ve done so far?

seems like it so far

Well, I was (still am) a huge fan of your music career. I even started a band in the 90s based because I wanted to rock the world just like you rocked mine. Then you started directing movies and I, as a loyal follower, watched’em all. Always paying because we don’t pirate the ones we like to see shining. I wasn’t Ok with your Halloween, and that made me sad. I know we must not confuse things, the music, film making, public persona, but hey, thats show business. Not because your Halloweens were bad, because they weren’t. But because It’s something I considered sacred, as a Carpenter fan and I pretty much prefered any other director to screw with those memories. yada yada, you are right, i’m an asshole because it’s your job yada jump to howard the duck and this AMA.

Well, I’m surprised by your answer because it’s something I would expect from a timeless Rob Zombie, and I’m happy to see you are still imune to Hollywood canibalism and mind bending of genuine talent. I too am an Howard fan and a born again Rob Zombie fan.

Sorry if you don’t understand my english. English isn’t my first language, not even my second.

English isn’t my first language either apparently

(After Zombie gave a slightly crazy response to why he is a vegetarian)
The original comment’s been deleted. What did he say before?

Some shit about Soylent Green or Apes running the planet… it involved Charlton Heston that’s for sure

I can’t tell if this is incredible satire, or a serious thought. either way … keep rockin on Rob? You know he’s done a lot of drugs in his youth.

Nope saving all the drugs for old age. What else is there to do?

YEAH! My kinda guy right there - I will share mine if you share yours ;)

Right. Who needs drugs when you’re young? It’s later in like that I want to do acid all day long

Dear Rob Zombie, Thunder Kiss ‘65 has caused me to get three speeding tickets over the years. Do you feel bad about that?


Here, let me fix this response in a manner that will appease Redditors, since i know what Mr. Zombie was actually thinking:

“That is an excellent question, and one that I have spent many nights pondering. Let me answer this from several angles. On the one hand, I’m always very touched when fans tell me about the impact that My Music And Art have had on their lives, and I know for me personally, ‘Thunder Kiss ‘65’ holds a very special meaning in my life, as it is a reflection on where I was in life at that time.

“On the other hand, advocating for motorist safety is one of my great passions, and unfortunately I cannot condone dangerous vehicle speeds under any circumstances. The number one cause of death in America is car accidents, and I have dedicated much of my life to reducing this to, like, the number two cause. So please be safe out there!

“So, I guess, no, I don’t feel bad about this. Thank you for your question, and please go see 31!”

Oh I see what you did there. Well played.


Your answers fucking suck. Do you even want to be here?


didn’t realize everybody wanted long involved answers. I figured quick was better. Guess I was wrong.

I prefer it long.

And.. that’s what she said.