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Pajiba After Dark: This Girl Is Destroying America! Well, Her and Earthquakes Both.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | August 23, 2011 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | August 23, 2011 |

If you live on the East Coast or in Colorado, chances are you experienced some sort of earth shaking event today. Because this was a new experience for those of us on the East Coast the reaction on various social networking sites was pretty impressive and makes those of us who didn’t actually notice anything (*raises hand*) feel inadequate and like we’re not really on what all the cool kids are doing these days. Most of the people in California or other earthquake prone areas are busy pointing their fingers and laughing at our pansy asses, I hope you all know. It’s like that time when I was assisting with Freshman move-in down in Miami and there was a big thunderstorm and some girl ran in the building and yelled “IS THIS A HURRICANE!?!?!” and many of us laughed bitterly and then immediately felt terrible for doing so. What’s that? Oh, right, TV. Yeah, good luck with that. Here’s your Tuesday night TV:

8:00pm: “History Detectives” on PBS

“It’s Worth What?” on NBC

“Pretty Little Liars” on ABC Family. Apparently there’s some kerfuffle about the show having a lesbian character that’s got one of those oh-so-sensible ‘family values’ groups up in arms. While reading about this I also found out that another main character on the show (underage) is having an affair with her teacher. The ‘family values’ groups are apparently not upset about that one. So… I’m thinking this is not so much about ‘family values’ you guys. Shocking, I know.

9:00pm: “America’s Got Talent” on NBC

“Auction Kings” on Discovery

“Downsized” on WE

“Flipping Out” on Bravo

“Take the Money and Run” on ABC

“What Not to Wear” on TLC

10:00pm: “Auction Hunters” on Spike TV

“Billy the Exterminator” on A&E

“Born to Dance” on BET

“Combat Hospital” on ABC

“Dirty Money” on Discovery

“Family Restaurant” on WE

“Gordon Ramsay’s F Word” on BBCA

“Picker Sisters” on Lifetime

“POV Short Cuts” on PBS

“Teen Mom” on MTV. My sister had this on the other day and it is just as terrifying as I always thought it would be and I understand even less about why people watch it.

“Top Shot” on History

“What Not to Wear” on TLC

10:30pm: “Dirty Money” on Discovery

11:00pm: “Awkward” on MTV

“Gordon Ramsay’s F Word” on BBCA

Late Night Listings

“The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS featuring Rachel Maddown and Gavin Harrison

“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on CBS featuring Lewis Black and Amos Lee

“Chelsea Lately” on E featuring Zoe Saldana, Ben Glieb, Heather McDonald, and Gary Valentine

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