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Batmanuel Never Makes it Fast

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 23, 2010 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 23, 2010 |

The big news this week is obviously that the Health Care Reform bill has made it through the house. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of big news that is tricky to discuss with people because there are a lot of folks out there with very yell-y feelings about this bill, and if you try and bring it up in a lighthearted “isn’t that interesting” fashion, they will react in a manner that makes you want to back away slowly while maintaining eye contact. So, you either get to mention it and look at least minimally informed, or ignore it to spare yourself the possibility of angry yelling and look out of touch. For the record, I’d rather look out of touch. I don’t like yelling. Or other people’s feelings. Here’s Tuesday night’s TV:

8:00pm: “90210” on The CW

“American Idol” on Fox. Two hour long episode, Top 11 perform. Top 11? Why not Top 10 like everything else in life? Whatever, I just remembered that I don’t care.

“The Biggest Loser” on NBC

9:00pm: “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC

“Lost” on ABC

“Melrose Place” on The CW

“Survivors” on BBCA. Second season premiere.

10:00pm: “16 and Pregnant” on MTV. Considering certain sexual education trends in the US, this may be one of the most subversive shows that MTV has produced in a long time. Not that that’s particularly hard to do.

“The Bad Girls’ Club: Reunion Part 2” on Oxygen

“Justified” on FX

“Parenthood” on NBC

“Southland” on TNT

“Table for 12” on TLC. One hour special presentation. I’m incredibly wary of this trend where people with a lot of children are getting their own TV shows and therefore becoming the current version of “famous” for many reasons. The least of which is that it tends to make for crappy television.

10:06pm: “V” on ABC. One hour special presentation. This looks like one of those recap shows that will take you through the most important points that happened last season. I’ll refresh: Aliens came to earth proclaiming peace and love and humans believed them like idiots even though Morena Baccarin’s haircut obviously indicates they’re evil. That’s about where I stopped paying attention, if anyone’s got anything else super important to know about this show, leave it in the comments.

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