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Pam and Jim Get Married

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 8, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 8, 2009 |

Clearly, my television preferences have been established for the night. It may make me a sap, but this is the first time I’ve ever genuinely looked forward to a television wedding.

Here are your highlights:


— “Survivor” on CBS. Man alive, I was glad to see the racist fuck get the boot last week. He was evil, but not in a fun way. He was just pure fucking nasty.

— “Bones” on Fox.

— “Community” on NBC. I’m as stoked about this show as anyone, but its ratings are already starting to dip. It’s fourth in its time slot, although it is edging “Fringe,” in the 18-49 demographic. However, if it can hold its ratings in this timeslot (unlikely without “The Office” lead-in), it’ll at least improve on the “SNL Thursday” airings. This show needs to find an audience, and quick. Although, let’s be honest: NBC doesn’t have a lot of back-ups to go to.

— “FlashForward” on ABC. Decent premise, painstakingly tedious to watch, so far. And a horrible time of the night to air, and it doesn’t have the excuse of “The Jay Leno” show filling up all the 10:00 slots. They should, at least, move this back into “Eastwick’s” slot, cancel the latter, and maybe rush in both “Scrubs” and “Better Off Ted” to fill the 8:00 slot. It’d be a significant boost for both of those shows, too.


— “Parks and Recreation” on NBC. Talk about bad ratings. Last week, it tied with “The Jay Leno Show” for lowest ratings of the night (save for The CW offerings), and it’s getting 3 million less viewers than, say, CBS’s awful “Accidentally on Purpose.” This one will get cancelled by mid-season. NBC has got “Parenthood” lined up for the spring. And looking over its schedule, the only logical places for it will either be on Sunday (after football ends), Monday (after “Trauma” is pulled), or Thursdays at 8. If it’s the latter, that may also mean the end of “Community.”


— “The Office” on NBC. It’s an hour long, and if you don’t have a DVR, there’s nothing else you should be watching.

— “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC, if you want to see how television relationships should not be done.

— “CSI” on CBS. It’s still getting very good ratings, but it’s starting to see some real ratings erosion.

— “Skins” has its 3rd season finale on BBCA.

— “Fringe” is holding up decently in its new time slot, but not well enough to hold it. We may see this show moved earlier in the week when “American Idol” returns.


— “Project Runway” on Lifetime.

— “Behind the Music” looks at T.I. on VH1. I don’t know how that is.

— “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on FX. Even moreso, I suppose, when the Phillies are winning. Also, fuck the Phillies.

— “The Mentalist” on CBS. Blah.

— “Private Practice” on ABC.

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