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South Park and Gay Marriage

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 7, 2009 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | October 7, 2009 |

Just as we begin to settle into the new Fall Season, those damn MLB playoffs have come along to interrupt the flow. Fortunately, for those who don’t like baseball — or at least those who don’t like any of the playoff teams, like myself (oh, and fuck the Phillies!) — your primetime schedule won’t be disturbed, at least until the next Championship Series (which I do believe will be on Fox, wrenching up your enjoyment of “Glee.”)

But how about those Twins? 163-game season. Too bad they won’t see a fourth game in the postseason. Sorry, Twin Cities.

Here are the highlights:


— “America’s Top Model” on The CW. Well, it’s not one of my highlights, but I’m sure it’s somebody’s.

— “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on TLC. I just really like the titles for the TLC docs.

— “So You Think You Can Dance” or: The dance show that’s not as embarrassingly awful as that other one.


— “The Middle” on ABC. Please let the second episode be good. Or let an anvil land on Patricia Heaton. Either/or, really.


— “Criminal Minds” on CBS. Why not.

— “Glee” on Fox. Funny story: Out here in Maine, there’s a referendum vote on November 3 to overturn the recently enacted law recognizing same-sex marriages. So, of course, we’re being completely inundated with ads from both sides of the issue. The anti-gay marriage ads, however, are particularly appalling — they’re not focusing on the gay marriage questions as much as they are arguing that, if gay marriage is allowed to happen in Maine, the students in our schools will have a homosexual agenda pushed onto them. It’s a fairly slimy tact. Here’s one of the more benign (but still gross) ads:

The funny thing is, they were running these ads last week during an episode of “Glee,” which has got to be the dumbest move ever. I don’t want to stereotype here, but let’s face it: “Glee” is a very gay-friendly show. You run those ads during “Glee,” and you’re going to piss off the gay-friendly crowd enough to, hopefully, mobilize us en masse on November 3.

We’ll see. Right now, polls are at 48 percent against gay marriage (that’d be mostly northern rural Maine) and 46 percent for gay marriage (that’s us, in the South, where we’re basically an extension of Massachusetts).

Back to the highlights.

— “Modern Family” on ABC. Yup. Second episode was just as good as the first.

— “Law and Order: SVU” on NBC. This is pretty much the only “L&O” with any ratings power left, and it’s quickly diminishing. I wouldn’t expect to see any of the three “L&Os” back next year.


— “Cougar Town” on ABC. Still not a great show, but definitely watchable.


— “CSI: NY” on CBS.

— “Eastwick” on ABC.

— “South Park” has its 13th season premiere on Comedy Central.

— “Top Chef” on Bravo. Tonight, it is a new episode.


— “Secret Girlfriend” debuts on Comedy Central. Not heard much about it, but this is from the press release: “It’s an up-close and very sexy look into the wild life of a single guy and his hard-partying friends as they balance life’s greatest necessities: getting laid, getting drunk and getting famous on the Internet.”

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