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Once Upon a Time, a Puppy Failed to Chase a Squirrel

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | May 11, 2017 |

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | May 11, 2017 |

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a rough week over here in England.

Oh no wait.

I do know about you guys. You guys are definitely having a rough week.

Times like this, any balm will do.

Have you ever seen a real life cartoon taking place before your eyes? Check out this four-legged fluffball of ferocity, flummoxed by a furry fiend:

I dunno why, but the comments on Reddit for this make me happy (with special credit given to the wonderfully deranged mind behind the final one):


The squirrel is mad contemplative, like “is this dog broken or?”


I think he’s in the moment of realizing he can’t go home to his tree, because that’s where the dog is staring. I bet he feels pretty smart for thinking ahead.


IMO, it looks like he’s pulling a Jim from The Office at the end.



That squirrel is literally waiting for the pup to notice him so he can be chased!



So who runs first? You run first? I run first?



Squirrel: “Listen this chasing thing is a two man job. I’m going to need you to do your part.”


“Is he tricking me or is he that dumb? Do I make a run for it? No. That is exactly what he wants. But, does he want me to just climb up the tree and then attack me the moment I make my decision? Come on Fred, you have a date with Sally tonight and she has so many nuts. Make a decision.”



My old dog loved to chase squirrels at my mom’s house years ago. One day a squirrel would run up a tree, wait for the dog to come back inside, then come back and wait at the bottom of the back deck steps for me to let her out again. This went on for at least a half an hour. They were both having a blast.


I thought the squirrel was wondering what the pup was looking at up the tree.


Totally see it!

Looks at pup

looks up tree

looks back at pup

“The fuck is he looking for?”



Reminds me of the first time my dog chased a squirrel. She was almost two and I had adopted her from the shelter, and we were working on sitting nicely whenever she wanted a treat/toy so she wouldn’t be grabby. She saw the squirrel go up the tree and immediately sat her butt down, looking straight at me, like “please get that for me.”



Squirrel: “Hey, hey, hey, what’re we lookin’ at?” Dog: “Squirrel. I think there’s one up this tree.” Squ: “Really? Up here?” Dog: “Yep, gotta stay focused if I’m gonna catch him.” Squ: “Good idea, stay focused, he’s sure to show up eventually.”


The ol’ Bugs Bunny maneuver.


Bugs bunny would totally sneak up behind him, make loud chewing-on-his carrot noises until the dog turned around, then ask the dog what he’s doing. Dog will start explaining, then about 10 seconds later, dog will do a comedy double-take, at which point bugs will take off running (with legs spinning in a circle) and the finished carrot would hang in the air for a bit, then drop, and the dog would take off after him.


You forgot the “So….. What’s up, Doc?”


What’s up, dog?


A squirrel


“Yeah well keep focus!” “laughs and smacks himself in the knee”


You skipped the part where Bugs is dressed like a pinup girl and I’ve got a belt around my neck listening to “Venus in Furs” wishing I could be a carrot for a day.


Oh, and holy shit—there’s a sequel!:


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