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Oh Yay, Internet Cretins Found a New Way to Be Gross About Jennifer Lawrence

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | October 8, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | October 8, 2014 |

While not every single Reddit user, and maybe even not every 4chan user, is a slimy unwashed cyber groper, that kind of unmoderated anonymous one-upsdoucheship is a breeding ground for slimy unwashed cyber gropers. The sites have been getting a lot of shit thrown at them in response to the horribly-named fappening of recent weeks. And while not every user has lashed out terribly against criticism, many, oh so many, have found new and unique fun ways to be total ass hats to women and people in general, and specifically to and about Jennifer Lawrence, who criticized the sites in her recent Vanity Fair interview.
(I know these pics are tiny. Feel free to pop em out.)

There are typical false equivalencies. Those are always fun.

And here’s a creative twist on traditional victim-blaming. Instead of going the tired old “Well why did she take the pictures in the first place??” route, this dude basically accuses JLaw of porn profiteering. You know, because she discussed the photos in her interview with Vanity Fair, which made her money, and also made VFair money, so EVERYONE WINS.

And then the defensive crotch sloths take things to a new level, by expressing EXTREME DISBELIEF that this whole event hasn’t inspired Jennifer to reinvest her life, or at least her money, on developing new local encryption systems that could keep this kind of thing from happening again.

If you were really offended, Jen, you would have already quit acting to start writing code. HOW OFFENDED CAN YOU REALLY BE, HUH?


Via Gawker.

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