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If Only Mike Pence Weren't An Actual Danger to the World, His Law School Comic Strip Phase Might Have Been the Weirdest Thing About Him

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | November 21, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | November 21, 2016 |

Look, a lot of us have weird and embarrassing stuff on the internet, just waiting to be dug up. I have some super awkward headshots and publicity stills from my theatre days, stories of my grandparents’ sex lives, and just a lot more curse words than most people who know me in real life would ever think I even knew. But at least I can say I was never a young Mike Pence, trying to convince my fellow law school students that I had that thing I’d heard other youths refer to as a ‘sense of humor.’

Esquire managed to dig up Pence’s old law school comic strips, “Law School Daze.” GET IT? Cause it’s like, a daze, man.


I asked Dustin and Seth, the Overlords with actual lawyering experience, if they wanted to take a stab at writing this up, or if “well, this is dumb and weird” was a good enough angle. I was assured that I’m really not missing anything, law-humor-wise. Dumb and weird is about it.


Those damn torts! They’re nothing compared to the gunners, though. (Insert laugh here? I think? Maybe?)


Okay, I def thought this was a masturbation joke, but Wikipedia makes me think that of the 20+ disambiguations for “gunner,” Pence was probably just making a joke about over-ambitious law students.

If Pence weren’t an actual danger to immigrants, women, the LGBT community, and pretty much everyone who isn’t Mike Pence, these sure would be a lot funnier, wouldn’t they? As is, at least we can laugh at the fact that he’s always been well aware of his desperate need for approval and attention, and his willingness to sell any part of his pride or soul to get it.


You know, COMEDY!

See even more comedy at Esquire.

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