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Human Garbage Lou Dobbs Doxxed a Trump Accuser and Pretended to Apologize

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | October 13, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | October 13, 2016 |

Well, will you look at that. Every time I think Trump’s supporters have hit rock bottom, the floor turns into a sinkhole and a whole new level of low opens up.

Over the last few days (or decades, really, but many have come back up this week, a number of women have come out with accusations of sexual assault perpetrated against them by Donald Trump. The responses from his supporters have been beyond deplorable. Jerry Falwell, Jr. says he has email proof that all these women are lying; some old Apprentice contestant made the oh-so-clever claim that she’s “rather be grabbed by the p—-y than governed by one;” and of course, we’ve already heard about the shit stains on this country’s raggedy underwear that got #NextFakeTrumpVictim trending.

And then there’s Lou Dobbs. The Fox Business Network host has made his disdain of Clinton clear. But it’s one thing to hate a candidate. It’s another to be such a vile human being that you have to drag down a now-74-year-old woman who had the courage to speak up and say Trump once sexually assaulted her on an airplane. And then there’s the level of cretin who isn’t just satisfied calling that woman a liar, BUT HE NEEDS TO TWEET HER PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS TO HIS 795,000 FOLLOWERS.

Yes, Lou Dobbs retweeted a doxxing of Jessica Leeds. Along with the tweet, he wrote, “This is the Dirtiest Campaign in our History: #MAGA #TrumpPence16 #AmericaFirst .” I think we can all agree there’s never been an American presidential campaign this dirty. For one thing, most campaigns don’t have news anchors doxxing elderly women.

The original tweet has been taken down, but (as of writing this, 11 hours later), Dobbs’ is still up, despite the fact that various outlets are saying he apologized. Here’s the thing, though: HE DID NOT APOLOGIZE. Those headlines are probably in reference to this tweet, which he gives the odd tweet title of “My Retweet,My Mistake,My Apology to Jessica Leeds,” with a link to a Politico article.

You might assume that that links to some sort of apology, right? Nope. It’s just coverage of what a shitbag he is. The article is titled “Lou Dobbs tweets Trump accuser’s address and phone number.” At the end, there’s an update saying “Dobbs tweeted a link to this post along with an apology: “My Retweet, My Mistake, My Apology to Jessica Leeds.”

Hang on, what?

THAT IS NOT AN APOLOGY. Please stop saying Lou Dobbs apologized. It wouldn’t change what he did, even if he HAD apologized, but linking to an article about a horrible thing you did and captioning that link “My Apology” IS IN NO WAYS AN APOLOGY.

Please, please, please let Lou Dobbs get fired. Like, from the entire earth.

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