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John Stossel And His Douchtache Think Women Should Pay More For Healthcare Because "Maybe They're Hypochondriacs"

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 31, 2013 |

By Joanna Robinson | Miscellaneous | October 31, 2013 |

Where does John Stossel work? What is his pulpit of choice? Why Fox News of course. Stossel, with his righteous indignation at full throttle, was on Fox & Friends today breaking down the “worst” part of Obamacare. The part that “just kills the market.” He said:

The competition of the market is the only thing that makes things better. Yesterday, President Obama stood in front of a bunch of women in Massachusetts and said, “No longer will those evil insurance companies be able to charge you women more.”

Women go to the doctor much more often than men! Maybe they’re smarter or maybe they’re hypochondriacs. They live longer. Who knows? But if it’s insurance, you ought to be able to charge people who use the services more, more.

It’s okay, guys, he said “maybe they’re smarter.” That makes it all better. Listen, dum dum, going to the doctor more often aka pursuing preventative care will make ANYONE’S lifetime cost to the system lower, not higher. But let’s hear what The White Males Of Fox have to say about issues unique to a women aka the high cost of having a vagina. Steve Doocy?

As a number of Republicans have made the argument, why should I pay for — I’m in my 60s, why should I pay for your maternity coverage?

Because as you know women get pregnant all on their own and, thus, should be held 100% financially responsible for the cost of said pregnancy. Absolutely. But is maternity coverage really the issue? The White Males of Fox have had their say. Numbers? How about you?

Even with maternity coverage excluded, nearly a third of plans examined charge 25- and 40-year-old women at least 30% more than men for the same coverage and in some cases, the difference is far greater. For example, one company charged 25-year-old women 85% more than men for the same coverage, again excluding maternity coverage altogether. These differences result in women paying significantly more for health insurance every year than their male counterparts. For example, one plan in South Dakota charges a 40-year-old woman $1252.80 more a year than a 40-year-old man for the same coverage.

So f*ck right off with your condescending “maybe women are hypochondriacs” bullshit, John Stossel. It makes you look douchier than your mustache. And that’s saying a lot.

You can see the full video here over at The Raw Story.

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