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If Happy Cow GIFs Don't Brighten Your Day, Nothing Will

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | January 30, 2019 |

By Petr Knava | Miscellaneous | January 30, 2019 |


Godammit do I love animals.

Don’t worry, I’m aware that I’m sounding like a broken record. I know I’ve written a lot of posts about animals. Most of them are about dogs, because dogs are the best. Not just best animals. Best anything. In the universe. Ever. According to Scientists. All of the Scientists. But whales are incredible too. And you know what, so are huntsman spiders. All animals are great. And if you’ll permit me channelling a bit of my inner hippy: All animals deserve to be loved, man.

Yeah even the huntsman.

But especially cows. Big cuddly field dogs that they are.

Reddit know. The subreddit r/happycowgifs knows:

Cows are among the most gentle creatures. This allows them to befriend All kinds. from r/happycowgifs
Two babies cuddling at Rancho Relaxo sanctuary from r/happycowgifs
Lap Cow from r/happycowgifs
Cows love receiving neck scratches once they get to trust you from r/happycowgifs
Enjoying the neck pillow from r/happycowgifs
Lovely Friendship from r/happycowgifs
Will you be my friend? from r/happycowgifs
More belly rubs plz from r/happycowgifs
This big boy is Balarama and he loves to be brushed from r/happycowgifs
James the Calf chilling at the beach from r/happycowgifs

Cuddles with Cedar at Happily Ever After Farm Sanctuary to start the weekend off right from r/happycowgifs

Love everything, man.

Treat everything with kindness.

Except fascists.

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