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If You Go To The Movies, Leave Your Dogs At Home... AND NOT IN YOUR HOT-ASS CAR, YOU PIECE OF SH*T

By Tori Preston | Miscellaneous | July 19, 2017 |

By Tori Preston | Miscellaneous | July 19, 2017 |

Every summer, as the temperatures rise, we start seeing PSAs and reminders about not leaving dogs locked inside of cars in the hot sun — because it can literally kill them. Temperature rises quickly inside of a car, even on milder days, and leaving a window cracked isn’t enough to keep a doggo from developing heat stroke.

But we all know that, right? So why do we have to keep hearing all of these reminders?


Take, for example, the asshole in Roswell, Georgia who decided to leave two small dogs locked in their car on a 90 degree day. Not for a quick jaunt into the drugstore or something, but for the ENTIRE LENGTH OF A MOVIE. Yup, they were in a nice air-conditioned theater while their dogs were trapped in a car. Sure, the window was cracked. But when the police arrived (after a decent human being called 911 and reported the situation — thank you, decent human being!) and scanned the internal temperature of the car, it registered over 160 degrees. The dogs at that point had been in the car for over an hour. I wouldn’t want to sit in a 160 degree car, and my body can actually sweat! Dogs don’t have that luxury. And in fact, one of the dogs had to be rushed to a fire hydrant to cool off because it suffered — yup, you guessed it — heat stroke.

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The police forced the movie theater to stop all screenings and ordered the owner of the vehicle to step outside. The cherry on top? She asked the theater for a refund because she didn’t see the end of the movie. Which, like, really? REALLY? Shouldn’t she be paying for everyone else’s tickets since she’s the reason the theater had to stop the movies? And what movie do you think she was watching, anyway? My money is on Despicable Me 3.

Anyway, the dogs are remaining in police custody until the owner goes before a judge. And the part of the story that really gets me? She would have been carted off to jail, but because she had several young children with her, she received a ticket instead. Which I think is a fair call on the part of the cops — no complaints from me. But if nobody had called 911, would she have brought those kids out of the theater to a car full of dead dogs?

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If you’d like to see a full local news story on the situation, click here and get ready to feel angry all over again.

So, one more time: Do not fucking leave your dogs in hot cars, and if you see a dog in a hot car, find the owner or call 911.

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