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Comparing the Wingnuttery of the 3 Most Politically Vocal Celebrities on Twitter

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | November 29, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | November 29, 2011 |

Maybe the worst thing to come out of Twitter is finding out that some of our favorite celebrities are completely insane in real life. There are plenty of exceptions, of course: I’ve actually gained a great deal of respect for three of my favorite Celebrity Tweeters Steven Weber, Josh Malina, and Craig Bierko. Ellen Barkin is fucking crazy, but in a good way, and some celebrities are as cool on Twitter as you’d expect them to be in real life, like Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton.

But then there’s the crazy. And I’m not talking about the regular endearing crazypants, I’m talking about full-on celebrity wing-nuttery. I can take it to a degree, but the three guys below — all well informed, political-minded guys — live on the fringes of the political spectrum, and as such, kind of scare the bejesus out of me.

Below are selected Tweets from Alec Baldwin, Adam Baldwin, and John Cusack, in my experience the three wingnuttiest celebrity Tweeters. In some cases, I’ve condensed them for readability (all of Alec Baldwin’s came from yesterday) and below each I’ve graded them on their wingnuttery, the grammar and spelling, and their sense of humor.

Fair Warning: If you respect any of these three actors and want to continue respecting them, I suggest not reading ahead.

Alec Baldwin

I am so tired!!!!!! Of all this right wing trash!!! Saying I promises to leave the country!! Or seriously threatened to Stone Henry Hyde, that broken down old Republican hack!! I’m staying’ right here!! All you Mark Levin loving zombie hater trash!!! OBAMA!!!!! 2012!!!!! And all you Free Republic, American Renaissance, gun-loving, war-mongering, trolls…. bring it!! Obama!!! 2012!!! That f***ing war in Iraq would STILL BE RAGING if W and Dick Strangelove were calling the shots ….

@SooperMexican Capitol One, a great partner in funding the arts. You witless, masked tool. Only a biased, uninformed hater like u can’t realize that bailing out banks was presented to both W and O as the only course. U are a liar or idiot. There is no 3rd option. Let’s have sum informed input re where we’d b if banks were not bailed out. I support the bank bailout w/o benefit of hindsight. Knowing what we know now, it needed to b done on a more limited basis. If OWS can learn to embrace CFR, then they should be applauded. Campaign finance reform is the most important issue. Your taxes are going up, Nacho Libre Count on it. Can you right off the magenta panties? I assume you can right off all of your write wing dry cleaning bills. ey. This has been fun. If I met u, I’d walk the othr way. But this was fun. And how much taxes did I pay last yr? Guess.

@Bongo1st Until that change comes, everyone within that system will operate with varying levels of compromise. This country is in trouble. OWS is very real symptom of that. Young ppl r losing faith in our system. They realize we effed it up. OWS teaches us that gross injustice will invite real dissent. Dissent that requires risk. Dissent ended Vietnam War. This is reminiscent of then. 4 many young ppl, govt isn’t enemy. It’s just hopelessly irrelevant

I’m going to change my profile to “Conservative, Christian, gun owner, mom.”

Wingnuttery: 7.
Grammar and Spelling: 5
Sense of Humor: 8


John Cusack

hey all anybody wh posts anything from wingnuts like drudge or other such types i must block cause they are to dumb to be on my feed…but have a lovely day postng elswhere… shocko has spoken!

i like the trolls who parrot the talking points of hanity and limbaugh - its rots their teeth as it comes out..

Hope serious people dont confuse the peaceful protesters with those exploiting the crowds to start violence - Tea party a koch brother dick army creation - funded from the top of GOP food chain -And when they get violent the are as bad as anybody else -

i think i must warn in all fairness if you tweet i want my two dollars i ‘m feeling like i gonna block you on general grounds of lamness

I’ve never been more proud of my country then right now - the occupy movement leaves me in awe of the courage and dignity - I’m with u !

beber rides the jaxkalope as he sings the song of the hyenia— and they circling lyss at night —whispering horrible shit.

bp — obama- wallstreet- obama—untill he learns he will be hated by corporate forces no matter what he does- he will cont- to get rolled … and we all continue to suffer…same for the juggernught war machine—-it’s only purpose is to use him till hes done then use the next

would love if all flag sucking halfwits who saw lloyd dobbler as a-political would unfollow— they didnt pay attention to film anyway


Wingnuttery: 9
Grammar and Spelling: 2
Sense of Humor: 4

Adam Baldwin

Leftist propagandists are trying to demonize the harmless/lawful use of pepper spray on the lawless, just as they did with water-boarding. Leftists are a lawless mob, so of course their propagandists are deployed to demonize the devices of mob-control.

Un-American Revisionism! | RT @toddstarnes “Obama redefines Thanksgiving: omits any reference to God…”

THIS-IS-WHAT-THE-99%-LOOKS-LIKE! | RT @irishspy “It’s all making sense: Gay Porn Shot at #OWS…” - ~ #OccupyOakland

An education must be earned. If you believe your education is an entitlement, then U believe that someone else should do your work for you.

No, natural born #Bears fans feel zero shame rooting for the same team as the roundball-carpetbagger Punahou Kid (I had to look that one up; it’s a reference to Obama. — DR)

There is as yet no evidence that all of the pepper-sprayed hipsters at UC Davis do not love the “Jackass” movies. ~ #Irony ~

“The Scabies” ~ #OccupyBandNames

“The Obamaniacs” ~ #OccupyBandNames

“The Sharts” ~ #OccupyBandNames

If your intellect has lost its virtue by ceasing to seek truth & slouching in pursuit of political ends, #YouMightBeALiberal … ~ #Gomorrah

More and more Washington, D.C. appears as a school district writ large, with the ladies & their #NewCastrati running the show. ~ #Tyranny

Hi Obamacare advocates: If the “poor” don’t have the money to buy health insurance, then how can/will fining them make them buy it?

Wingnuttery: 8
Grammar and Spelling: 8.5
Sense of Humor: 7

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