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Catwoman: Ears or No Ears? The Nerdiest Debate in Internet History?

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 9, 2011 |

By Dustin Rowles | Miscellaneous | August 9, 2011 |

When the first look at Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume debuted online last week, the one thing I didn’t expect to see was nerd rage over Selina Kyle’s ears. And yet, over the course of the day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next, commenters here and around the web couldn’t seem to let it go.

Cat ears? Really? Of all the things that one could pick at from two photos, which may or may not represent the full Catwoman costume, you chose to get in a nerd tizzy over the woman’s ears?

Here are a few representative comments from here and around the web demonstrating Internet’s nerd contingent’s OUTRAGE. It has certainly been instructive.

Ears? COME ON.

  • No ears? She could pass for a seal in that.

  • I seriously hope this is some early stage of Catwoman since she is without those pointy ears in that full-on costume or else Nolan put a pair of those RIGHT NOW. If Batman can look a Bat then Nolan should have no problem what-so-ever with Catwoman looking like a Cat.

  • Why is she even called catwoman if she doesn’t have cat ears. It may sound silly at first, but when ya think about it almost every villain is named off their appearance (scarecrow­, joker, two-face, catwoman, ect.). You might as well call her goggle girl because there is nothing about this costume that says cat-like. Actually you could have told me these were pictures of bat-girl and I would have believed you.

  • Ummmmmm that’s not Catwoman. I mean if she doesn’t have the ears like Batman then what’s the point of calling her that. From the images she just looks like any old I guess cat burgaler…..Hell Scarlet Johanson looks more like Catwoman while playing the Black Widow.

  • So no pointy ears or any feline quality to her outfit??? Hathaway better bring and awesome feline attitude and manners! Otherwise this will be a complete failure!

  • please don’t let that be her FULL and final costume. Would it be so unrealistic to add some cat ears on there somewhere? Come on Nolan!

  • If you look closely, you can see some kind of visor type things above each of the goggles. I wonder if these will look like cat’s ears when she pulls them onto the top of her head.

  • I agree that she aint Catwoman unless she has Cat Ears. If Nolan is hellbent on keeping with the realism, he could explain the cat ears like he explained the bat “ears” in Begins…they house some sort of radio listening device.

  • If she does steal the Batpod, maybe she steals some of Bruce’s ears/receivers as well and uses those? Bruce did order a few thousand in BB. “At least we’ll have spares.” She could just attach them to a different cowl.

  • I just hope that’s part of her get-up and she gets a cowl or some Batman style audio-enhancement ears. Wouldn’t be too happy on a Catwoman without ears.

  • Those goggles will get pushed up on her head when not in use and, thanks to the pointy styling of the frames that you can see here, will resemble cat ears thus making the costume more like the current comics and Catwoman we all know and love.

  • How is Catwoman having cat ears stupid, but Batman having bat ears, a cape, and throwing stars in the shape of bats not? I know that Nolan wants to keep everything based in reality, as do the fans, but having Catwoman dress as a cat is not a big stretch. This could very well be a prototype suit she wears as a burglar, and later out of spite for Batman she decides to mock him by making a Catwoman outfit. It wouldn’t be stupid or unrealistic. If the Joker can have scars and clown make up, Catwoman can have cat ears. Hell, Bane wears a mask which I’m sure has a reason. It seems straight forward now, but when we find out WHY he wears a mask it will be a stretch I’m sure. Which is perfectly fine. Keep in mind that the Nolan realm of Batman has never been based purely in reality, it’s been based in plausability. So far only the gadgets have been almost pure reality. They all have some sort of real background. The characters themselves…not so much. And thank goodness for that. If Batman were truly based in reality he’d just be a guy who bitched about the corruption of Gotham on the internet while eating Cheetos.


    You know what’s wrong with too many comic-book movies? The filmmakers try too hard to satisfy the comic-book pedants at the expense of the film. Indeed, the movie and television world has seen five Catwomen in the past, and while we can agree that they all fill out a leather catsuit nicely, can’t we also agree that none of the five would suitably fit into Nolan’s universe?

    Why? Well, because those ears look ridiculous.

    Christopher Nolan: Trust, y’all.







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