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California Dreaming

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | October 13, 2010 |

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | October 13, 2010 |

I’ve seen a few of these clips manufactured by that take a news item and animate the anchors and stories but this one really caught my attention. Apparently, they’re done by a website based out of Taipei and really have their finger on the pulse of the American news cycle.

Here in Canada, marijuana is largely decriminalized when it’s for personal use. Of course, they’re still cracking down on suppliers and growers but, as we’re all aware, pot is probably one of the least problematic substances that the world has known and I include alcohol and tobacco in that generalization. It appears that California is on the same path towards hell with the proposed Prop 19 except that they’re taking it even further. See, the one thing even we won’t tolerate is pot-smoking bears. We need those fuckers cognoscente and energetic for plowing fields, hunting the mighty salmon and perhaps a little late-night sexy time. If what NMA says regarding California’s Prop 19 is true, there’s going to be an abundance of lazy fucking bears laying around on the welfare and not pulling their weight. It would also appear that MacDonald’s and the rest of the fast food industry is about to experience a boom that hasn’t been seen since we learned Big Macs didn’t actually turn you into Grimace.

Way to go California! Between your pot and your gays you’re going bring America to its knees. Of course at which time we’ll swoop in and save you with our poutine and mooses and instill Celine Dion as Dictator and Justin Bieber as Secretary of Entertainment. You’re welcome.