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Ishtar State of Mind

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | December 23, 2009 |

By Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous | December 23, 2009 |

I know, Dustin already pained you with the Sex and the City 2 trailer, but it’s Christmas, so we’re gifting it to you again. You know, because that’s what happens during the holidays. You get the same thing twice because you stupidly include the same items on the wishlist you give to your girlfriend as the one you send Santa (for those not keeping up, Dustin is your girlfriend and I’m St. Nick).

I have little to say about the spot, actually. I unfortunately saw a few episodes of the show a long time ago when I had more female friends than male, but honestly I don’t even know the names of the characters except for Carrie (and that is only because of that terrible new tagline). And I never paid much attention otherwise because I couldn’t stand seeing the formerly hot mannequin with green eyes as the plastic creature she’s become.

All I have to add is that I didn’t think anything could do worse for “Empire State of Mind” than Jay-Z’s awkward performance in front of bored old white guys at the Yankees parade. I really hate being reminded that Sex and the City takes place in my town. It’s more embarrassing than Enchanted and The Out-of-Towners combined. Hopefully, the girls have been banished by Bloomberg to the Saturn of Beetlejuice and the film ends (or better, begins) with them being eaten by a sandworm.

Speaking of those desert scenes, they sure have gotten everyone’s attention. I bet that stuff isn’t even in the movie; it’s just a marketing ploy. And here are some other people who fell for it:

  • Monika Bartyzel at Cinematical:
    While we’ve heard rumors of financial hardships and romantic drama, they are nowhere in sight in this first trailer. Instead, there’s a new exotic locale for the girls to lounge in that actually has them riding flippin’ camels through the desert. Oh, I can just imagine the xenophobic jokes that will descend this time around. It seems like a missed opportunity that they didn’t make Charlotte into a bubble girl for this latest burst of travel! (Although she does get a rather bubbly hat in the picture above.)
  • Anne Thompson at Thompson on Hollywood:
    Sex and the City Meets Road to Morocco

    In Sex and the City 2, set for May 28 release, Michael Patrick King takes the girls on the road to Morocco.

  • Lisa Timmons at Socialite Life:
    The only hint at the plot comes when we catch a glimpse of Charlotte with a little girl in tow and the girls take off on their sandy vacation with SJP narrating, “Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls.” Is Samantha going to seduce a camel? Girlfriend does like a challenge.
  • Mark at I Watch Stuff:
    The Sex has left the City, ladies! Now it’s in the desert, I guess.

    With how strained our relationships with Middle Eastern nations are already, I’m just assuming that Carrie & Friends’ presence there means this film takes place in the days just prior to World War III

  • Kyle Buchanan at Movieline:
    Sure, Sex and the City’s more-is-more ethos might have seemed appropriate in a flashy hotspot like Dubai, but sending the main foursome to the a heavily Arabic place (even if it’s a relatively liberal country like Morocco) just seems to be asking for critics to write “this is why they hate us” think pieces. The first person to connect the dots between Carrie’s Manohlos and the 9/11 attacks will win a very, very epic facepalm.
  • Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere:
    When I called the first Sex in the City movie “a Taliban recruitment film,” I was referring to a notion that young Arab men might be so repelled by its celebration of putrid 21st Century chick culture that joining the Taliban might seem freshly appealing. How curious, then, that a portion of the upcoming Sex and City 2 (opening 5.28.10) has triggered Taliban-ish associations by having the girls visit Morocco, an Arab-Muslim nation teeming with keffiyahs and camels and sand dunes.

As promised, here’s your repeat gift:

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