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A Tribute to the Majestic Love Ballads of '80s/'90s Soap Operas

By Courtney Enlow | Miscellaneous | January 6, 2017 |

By Courtney Enlow | Miscellaneous | January 6, 2017 |

My mom, like her mother and like most moms in the late ’80s, early ’90s, had grown up on and adored soap operas. She passed this adoration to me. From dear sweet Young and the Restless to dearer and sweeter Days of Our Lives to the dearest and sweetest of them all, Passions, daytime soaps existed as this perfect genre of madness and wonder. As it slips through our hands like sands through the hourglass, today’s youth will never know the glory of a beloved character getting an exorcism over the course of, like, a year and a half or something. But for those of us who know, we’ll never forget them. Our Stories.

What I’ll most remember, however, is something so specific and niche that I might be completely alone. My mom had a cassette tape we’d listen to in the car. That cassette was “Soap Opera’s Greatest Love Themes, Volume 2.” No, not Volume 1. Fuck that Volume 1 shit. Volume 2. And it contained some of the most glorious and magical music in the world. And that music was performed on, of course, Our Stories, often by the stars of Our Stories.

I can no longer be alone in the complete and utter adoration of soap opera music. While many of these songs are incredibly hard to find, here’s what I can offer you. Listen. Love. Celebrate. Kidnap your best friend’s baby and raise it as your own with the brother of the man you’re in love with who is married to that best friend, I don’t know. Do what feels right.

Another World Theme Song

Ladykiller Ballad (Another World) (Guys if nothing else, just watch this one, please, it will make your lives better.)

Simply Love - Kassie Wesley Depaiva (One Life to Live) (I cannot hunt down the OG version, but a song as powerful as this is worth carrying forth even 20 years later)

Welcome to the Edge - Billie Hughes (Santa Barbara)

For Just One Moment - Kyle Gordon and Rachele Cappelli (Another World)

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