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A Beautiful Tribute From the Man Who Saw Alan Rickman As an Actual Angel

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | January 14, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Miscellaneous | January 14, 2016 |

So many of us spent today mourning a man (while still not over the mourning of another man) we never actually knew. But I firmly believe that our lack of personal acquaintance does not mean that we’re not allowed to be affected by a person’t death. And today, Kevin Smith of all people put that sentiment to some absolutely beautiful words. You didn’t have to know Alan Rickman personally to recognize him as a “soft-spoken gentle soul,” “the adult Harry Potter himself,” and “a bonafide wizard who could conjure absolute magic using merely words.”

Kevin Smith was the man who recognized Rickman as what he was: a veritable, if not the actual, angel.

One of my favorite people who ever lived has died. The legendary #AlanRickman played Metatron, the Voice of God, in my…

Posted by Kevin Smith on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Smith, of course, wasn’t the only one to pay tribute to Rickman today. Here are Emma Thompson’s beautiful words:

Alan was my friend and so this is hard to write because I have just kissed him goodbye.

What I remember most in this moment of painful leave-taking is his humour, intelligence, wisdom, and kindness. His capacity to fell you with a look or lift you with a word.

That intransigence which made him the great artist that he was — his inedible and cynical wit, the clarity with which he saw most things, including me, and the fact that he never spared me the view. I learned a lot from him.

He was the finest of actors and directors. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do with his face next. I consider myself hugely privileged to have worked with him so many times and to have been directed by him.

He was the ultimate ally. In life, art and politics. I trusted him absolutely.

He was, above all things, a rare and unique human being and we shall not see his like again.

And Daniel Radcliffe’s:

And while there were many, many more tributes from people who knew Rickman well, personally and professionally, this remembrance from his fans is equally moving.

Alan Rickman was an amazing actor, a powerful force, and a perfect adversary for the heroes of our imagination. Few could ever be more missed by so many.