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We May Not Have Society But We Sure Do Have Hair Gel

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 19, 2014 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | March 19, 2014 |

Save My Bakery! on Food Network at 8:00pm ET. Series premiere. I guess this is what’s called “closing the circle” after years of capitalizing on baking competitions, cupcake wars, and all the other series and specials centered around baking.

The 100 on The CW at 9:00pm ET. Series premiere. Everyone got their TV trend bingo cards ready to go? Already, here we go: A new sci-fi, post-apocalyptic drama featuring a group of teens who are exiled from their space station home to see if earth has recovered from nuclear devastation. They quickly divide up into classes that struggle to rule their small society either through brute strength or cooperation. There are mysterious creatures and remains the teens find, and it is all based on a book. Ok, who won?

The Americans on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Doll & Em on HBO at 10:00pm ET. Series premiere. A new series starring Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells as two friends whose relationship is put to the test when Doll comes to work as the assistant for movie star Em. The series is set in Hollywood and features several actors playing themselves, and the two lead actress are best friends in real life who developed the series together, so it’s dancing on the edge of fiction.

Broad City on Comedy Central at 10:30pm ET.

Genevieve Burgess is sitting down to write her post-apocalyptic dystopian teen romance where two teens from different social classes fall in love despite being imprisoned by sexy aliens. Or something.

Genevieve Burgess is a Features Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow Genevieve Burgess on Twitter.

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