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How Long Until a Sitcom Hits Syndication? See You Then.

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | April 26, 2016 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | April 26, 2016 |

The Flash on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

Fresh Off the Boat on ABC at 8:00pm ET. I keep hearing about what a treasure Constance Wu is on this show. Shame that I have a birth defect that renders me unable to view sitcoms in any format other than syndicated marathons on weekends when I’m too busy to change the channel. But I know I’ve got something to look forward to in a few years!

Marvel’s Agents of Shield on ABC at 9:00pm ET.

Chicago Fire on NBC at 10:00pm ET. I was asked the other day to explain why this show was still on. I had no answer. I doubt NBC does either.

Limitless on CBS at 10:00pm ET. First season finale. Hey, how did the latest hot take on the “besuited and exasperated lady cop with non-cop hanger-on who wears tee shirts!” play out? Were all her cases thrown out due to a civilian interfering in a police investigation? No? Well, I’m sure we’ll eventually get one where they actually show that part.

Genevieve Burgess is a Features Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow Genevieve Burgess on Twitter.

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