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5 Shows After Dark: If There's One Thing Missing in Media, It's the Opinions of Old White Dudes

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | July 14, 2013 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | July 14, 2013 |

Last week’s fake show was, as several of you suspected, “The Summons” from Tuesday’s 5 Shows. Well spotted to koko temur, BWeaves, and Silly Cecil! As far as I know, there are no current plans to make any shows about bailiffs, which is a shame as it’s a grossly underexploited area of the legal world in terms of television series. Good luck to everyone this week! And I suspect some of you may be keeping quiet to avoid embarrassment if you guess wrong, but jump on in! Either you’re right and can feel all special or you learn that TV is even more horrible than you’d previously suspected. Win-win!

“Dexter” on Showtime at 9:00pm ET.

“Hillbillies for Hire” on CMT at 9:00pm ET. Series premiere. This is a new series about people name Jeremiah, Big Ox, and Chief, who hire themselves out to ‘hillbilly prank’ unsuspecting people who apparently need much better friends, relatives, or acquaintances. Big Ox and Chief live in a barn. They are based in Florida, because where else would they be?

“True Blood” on HBO at 9:00pm ET.

“The Newsroom” on HBO at 10:00pm ET. Second season premiere. Yay! Aaron Sorkin gets to tell us what Aaron Sorkin thought (and, therefore, what all right-thinking people should think) about major news events from about 18 months ago! I’m stoked, how about you guys? I mean, I’d had some opinions already but clearly I shouldn’t have been so hasty.

“The Venture Brothers” on Adult Swim at 12:00am ET.

Genevieve Burgess is so deep in the lie, even she’s not entirely sure when she’s making things up anymore.

Genevieve Burgess is a Features Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow Genevieve Burgess on Twitter.

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