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5 Shows: The Akron of Southwest Indiana

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | April 19, 2012 |

By Genevieve Burgess | Miscellaneous | April 19, 2012 |

“Community” on NBC at 8:00pm ET.

“Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC at 9:00pm ET.

“Parks and Recreation” on NBC at 9:30pm ET. Fourth season spring premiere. Hey look, guys, “Parks and Rec” is back! Now all we have to complain about is when “Archer” returns.

“Independent Lens: Revenge of the Electric Car” on PBS at 10:00pm ET. Because I’m a silly person I’m giggling about a Christine type scenario with Chevy Volt. You can’t outrun it! Its combination gas and electric engine gives it a longer driving range than traditional gas engines!

“Kathy” on Bravo at 10:00pm ET. Series premiere. This is Kathy Griffin’s new talk show and I guess that’s good? I like it more than the crap Bravo usually shows because Kathy Griffin has made a name for herself being something other than a Real Housewife but I’m still kind of meh on her overall. I think it’s because she comes off as the type of person who when you told her you had a bad cold the next day she would all of a sudden have gotten ‘the flu’, you know? I’m aware that most actors and public figures are probably like that, but with her it just comes across much more clearly for some reason.

Genevieve Burgess does not appreciate your sass. (That’s a lie.)

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