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Marvel Reveals Their Female Thor and If the MCU Incorporates Her, You May Scream

By Cindy Davis | Marvel Movies | May 12, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Marvel Movies | May 12, 2015 |

Tomorrow in Thor’s issue #8, Marvel Comics will reveal the secret identity of the female Thor introduced in last October’s issue #1. But you can find out who she is today. Why? I guess they didn’t want…


Noting that “most of the series’ new readers are women and girls” (ahem, Marvel, you hear that?), writer Jason Aaron says he’s happy the secret is out. “If anything, I’m not getting text messages from my mom anymore demanding to know who Thor is.” He also confirms there was never any other character in the running to wield Mjolnir.

“It grew out of the idea of the previous Thor becoming unworthy, which was something I was always building toward. I liked the idea of dealing with his worthiness and the idea of what it means for a god to be worthy in the Marvel universe. You know, the god of thunder waking up every morning and looking at the hammer and not knowing if he’s gonna be worthy to lift it. Then, of course, one day he should wake up and not be able to lift it. That opened the door for someone else to pick up the hammer and carry it around in his place.”

So if you’re ready — and clearly you know this is a **Spoiler**, here’s the reveal.


Dr. Jane Foster is your new Thor.


“Jane’s been a part of Thor’s universe going back almost to the very beginning. She was the initial love interest for Donald Blake, who was Thor’s alter-ego [in early Thor stories]. She was the nurse to his doctor. She’s grown and changed and evolved a lot over the years, become a doctor in her own right. So this to me is not just the next step for her character, but really the next evolution of the core promise that has always been at the heart of Thor’s mythology.”

First, I’d like to note that Marvel’s not ignorant about their female reader population. Whatever crap is going on with Black Widow and the MCU-related merchandise, they certainly can’t claim they don’t know how popular these characters are with women — the female Thor announcement was made on The View for crying out loud. In my mind, that only lends credence to that story about Disney not giving a shit about directing merchandise to Marvel’s female audience (as if a boy or a man couldn’t possibly be interested), and it BURNS MY BUTT. Disney marketing, if you’re out there, getitheforktogether! Not all women or girls are only interested in sparkles and princesses, and not all boys are only interested in guns and footballs, and guess what? People are people. Stop trying to put us in goddamned boxes, because pretty much none of us fit.

My ranting aside, I’m curious how people will feel if this version of Thor hits the MCU, meaning Natalie Portman could theoretically show up in an Avengers film somewhere down the line. While I’ve enjoyed Portman in some of her other films (okay, probably just Black Swan), I found her incredibly dull as Jane (and the thought of her as Thor kinda sorta makes me want to scream), but…

Whether or not she’s my favorite, and whether Portman does or doesn’t portray film Thor, I’ll still be screaming “HEY, WE HAVE A FEMALE THOR, AND DISNEY BETTER DAMN WELL REPRESENT!” Seriously, I want a female Thor action figure right now.

Now, how do you feel about this fabulous news?

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Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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