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Marvel MUST To Make THIS Black Widow Movie. NOW.

By Kristy Puchko | Marvel Movies | May 14, 2015 |

By Kristy Puchko | Marvel Movies | May 14, 2015 |

The more movies Marvel releases the more and more preposterous it becomes that they refuse to give Black Widow a spin-off. For some reason, the studio is blind to how much fan love there is for Scarlett Johansson’s super spy Natasha Romanoff. But maybe they just can’t see how a slick spy thriller would fit into the big splashy MCU. Maybe they just need to see this killer cool opening credit sequence that suggests a movie we’d kill to see.

H/T The Mary Sue

Self-proclaimed “Sailor Geek” Christopher Haley poured his love of Marvel into this Bond-style animation that teases an enticing plotline. Per his caption:

Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place… For this speculative title sequence of a Black Widow film I decided Black Widow’s villain would be… Black Widow. Yelena Belova, to be specific. Belova believes herself to be the superior Black Widow, and in some ways she is right. Swift and ruthless, Belova is the most talented assassin to graduate from the Red Room—and now she is Hydra’s most deadly weapon. At Belova’s side is a super-soldier of her own, Alexi Shostakov—the Red Guardian, who also happens to be Natasha’s former lover. When the new heads of Hydra make a play for the power of the infinity stones it is up to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top agent to stop them.

Having set up the Red Room, Natasha’s regrets and her fame as an Avenger, this plot line could play beautifully as a solo film, neatly sidestepping the need for every Avenger to pop in, but allowing for the kind of nail-biting action sequences that make Black Widow so adored. Haley’s even cast this should-be movie for Marvel. Gone Girl’s Rosamunde Pike for Belova. Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol’s Samuli Edelmann for Red Guardian. And hell, looping in S.H.I.E.L.D., let’s get Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen in on this thing! Directed by Brad Bird (whose in the Disney family already) this would be a mind-blowing spectacle.

There, Marvel. This guy has drawn you a goddamn map. Quit fucking with us and make this movie.

Kristy Puchko can’t even sometimes.

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