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Five Things We Want From Disney/Sony's Spider-Man Solo Films

By Joe Starr | Marvel Movies | March 11, 2016 |

By Joe Starr | Marvel Movies | March 11, 2016 |

Well, gang, we got our first look at Spider-Man, a little known D-List hero making his debut in Captain America: Civil War.

It was…pretty cool.

So, let’s look to the future for Spider-Man’s eventual solo outings. No one knows what Disney/Sony’s Spider-Man films will look like. One has to assume that he’ll be staying firmly in his own Sony sandbox with exceptions for Thanos showing up, with a limited (if any) amount of Marvel tie ins.

That said, Sony has a fantastic opportunity to spring past an origin story and character starting positions that everyone in the world, even unconceived babies already know, and just jump into the fun stuff. But with five movies and two franchises worth of Spider stuff in the past fifteen years, what should that fun stuff be? Lucky for you, I am the internet, so I had some ideas.

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Weird Marvel connections!

We can assume that the amount of MCU cameos in Spider-Man will be severely limited, so let’s make it count. Don’t give us the standard ‘B-List Avenger’ appearance. Give us something weird and unexpected. Surprise us. The Spider-Man cartoons have told great stories about baby Spider-Man being trained by SHIELD, so why not have Melinda May pop in to teach this kid how to fight? Or, since we’re in New York anyway, who is the best half of an odd couple for this 16-year-old virgin indoor kid? If you’re thinking ‘alcoholic streetwise private investigator Jessica Jones’ then you and I are on the same page.

spidey swarm.jpg

A New Villain!

We’ve seen most of Spidey’s rogue gallery on screen pretty recently and it’s time for some new blood. While I get that not having Norman Osborn in a Spider story would be like no lightsabers in a Star Wars film, I’m in no hurry to see another goblin glider. So give us some left field choices, like Swarm. You know, the Nazi made of bees. Or Kraven The Hunter, hunting Parker for sport. But mainly Swarm.

spidey scientist.jpeg


Peter Parker is a brilliant kid. He’s a nerd who would rather hit the books than hit…whatever it is that popular kids hit. He invented web shooters and web fluid and in the comics, he’s finally operating at full potential as the head of his own technology firm. Spidey should be coming up with creative, brilliant ways to deal with his enemies that don’t involve being bitten by a spider suddenly making him know karate. We’ve seen a few thousand faces get punched in Marvel movies. Let’s see Spidey try something different.

spidey bullies.bmp

Actual bullying!

We haven’t seen this in a Spider-Man movie yet, outside of people saying ‘ha ha Parker is weird.’ There has to be a sacrifice to Peter following his Uncle’s advice about great responsibility. Holding back in the face of real bullying and a supporting cast actually treating him like dirt is part of what makes him heroic. It also makes putting on the mask a real outlet and escape for him. They have a chance to really shine a light on bullying and make Parker speak to a lot of people.

spidey supporting.jpg

A fresh supporting cast!

I honestly don’t need a Gwen Stacy or a Mary Jane in this movie. It’s time for some new stories. Maybe Peter interns at Horizon Labs and encounters the fantastic group of science geeks Dan Slott created in his Amazing run? I’m assuming we’ll get a Flash Thompson, because his arc from ‘piece of shit bully’ to ‘soldier who does a lot of growing up’ to ‘purple heart recipient given a second chance as Venom’ is a story Sony is dying to tell.

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