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'Agents of SHIELD' and the Heartbreaking Ballad of Melinda May

By Craig Wack | Marvel Movies | April 15, 2015 |

By Craig Wack | Marvel Movies | April 15, 2015 |

Once upon a time (seven years ago to be exact) there was a SHIELD agent named Melinda.

Everything was great in Melinda’s world. She lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a husband who loved her very much. The couple was even a little baby crazy.

Melinda had a meaningful career protecting a guy named Phil who helped gifted people understand their powers. It wasn’t always an easy or even safe job, but Melinda always managed to make it back home.

One day they were called to a magical land called Bahrain where a super-strong woman from Russia was hiding. Phil, Melinda and a big team of SHIELD agents all went there to help this woman out.

They met in the outdoor coffee shop. There were a few rough characters around but it seemed safe enough especially with the precious little girl playing her own game of duck-duck-goose around.

But those rough characters pounced while Melinda was distracted by the child. The target knocked a table across the square and the rough characters kidnapped the girl and took Melinda’s fellow agents hostage.

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SHIELD threw a tactical team at the problem and those men fell under the Russian’s power. With Bahrain’s security forces itching to get involved, Phil sent Melinda in alone while he stalled to give her time to work. Melinda wanted to save her team, and especially that little girl.

What few people knew then (and fewer know now) was that the little girl was really the power in that room. The super strong Russian was the girl’s mother, who used some alien crystals to grant her daughter powers before her daughter was ready for them.

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The girl’s new abilities absorbed people’s emotions and allowed her to control people she touched, which overwhelmed the child and drove her mad. Melinda had to battle friend and foe alike as she saw this girl cut a deadly swath through her hostages.

Surrounded and with the girl approaching with her tiny hand outstretched, Melinda pleaded with the girl. Told the child she could help her. But it was no use. The child was too far gone.

Melinda made the only choice she could and it ripped out her soul. Melinda would not make it home that day. Everything that was loving and warm about Melinda died right alongside that innocent girl that day.— and it made Melinda a legend.

That day Melinda died and The Cavalry was born. Sure, this story came from the guesses made by a bunch of agents just coming out of mind control. But it didn’t matter to them, The Cavalry saved a lot of lives that day and that was enough for them. It was the one she couldn’t save that haunted The Cavalry’s every waking moment from that day forward.

What happened to The Cavalry after that is a story for another day and involves Agent Ward. Gross.

(Oh by the way, Skye found out who her mother is, Coulson has been secretly gathering powered people and building a base, and Raina has the power to predict what your dinner plans are).

Craig Wack loves story time, except with the stories are sad. Please follow his Twitter.

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