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Day 20: What It's Been Like Watching 'Love Actually' Every Day for 25 Days - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

By Courtney Enlow | Love Actually | December 20, 2016 |

By Courtney Enlow | Love Actually | December 20, 2016 |

As I’ve taken on this challenge this month, I get one question more than any other:


OK, fine. Then the question I get asked second most often:


THAT’S NOT A QUESTION, ASSHOLES. Anyway, the question I imagine you asking is “what has this been like for you?” Guys, I’m so glad you asked in my imagination.

I mean, would I recommend anyone do this?


Of course not. For one thing, this isn’t a very good movie.


And I’m sure many of you got bored weeks ago.


Because, like, don’t any of us have better things to do?


I’m frankly amazed you haven’t turned on me.


I’m amazed you haven’t started calling me names in the comments.


‘Cause that would hurt my gentle tender soul. Because I love you all!


And once it’s all over, I have to go back to talking about important things I guess.


It’s been a tad awkward.


Having to come up with stuff every day has been kind of a challenge, and, frankly, I tried harder some days than others.


But now it’s almost over!


So thanks for being on this journey with me. There are just a few days left.


Until the robots take over and devour our mortal souls, using us as flesh vessels for their unholy deeds.


‘K thanks. Good talk.


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