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Liveblogging the First Presidential Debate

By Pajiba Staff | Live Talk | September 26, 2016 | Comments ()


Hello there. Thanks for stopping by to witness what may be the beginning of the end of our great republic. If nothing else the first of three presidential debates should be more entertaining than Saints-Falcons. Overlords will be popping in and out of the comments throughout the evening but we want this to be as participatory as possible, so comment like you’ll vote: early and often.

Some pre-flight reading:

- FiveThirtyEight put together an update on where the race stands heading into tonight’s showdown. In short, Clinton’s lead is slim and uncertain. As of this morning, Clinton has a 57.1 percent chance of winning. If any of the states currently projected to go her way do not, Trump will win the presidency.

- Also on FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten argues Trump may have more to gain from the first debate than Clinton given historical evidence showing the non-incumbent candidate tends to gain in the polls following the first showdown.

- Then again, Trump is, according to the New York Times editorial board, “the worst major nominee put forward by a major party in modern political history.”

- Lord Castleton, Fourth of His Name, Deflator of Balls, is getting Hillary supporters ready to run through walls with his rousing verbal ninjutsu.

- Some dumbass who thought Marco Rubio would be the GOP nominee looked at how the debate moderators — including tonight’s master of ceremonies, Lester Holt — could make things difficult for Trump without coming across as a biased hack.

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