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Exactly How High Do We Need To Go When They Go Low?

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 7, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | March 7, 2017 |

As the Patron Saint of All Things Amazing Michelle Obama has often said, “When they go low, we go high.” And as much as I try to live each day at my most Michelle Obama-iest, I think part of her message might have gotten skewed. I mean, far be it from me to question a woman who spent eight years being called a gorilla (and significantly worse things) while exuding a level of grace and humility I can’t pretend to dream of (guys, I really like Michelle Obama, and I miss her). I’m only suggesting that not every level of harsh criticism be rejected by the resistance as “going low.” As I’ve already stated, I feel the Trump administration’s looks are fair game given the level of trust our Commander in Chief has put in them. Because the way Trump’s staff members choose to style themselves says something about them. The way Trump demands his staff appear says something about him. And the way Trump has decided facial hair is more important than expertise says something about the way he wants to run the country.

And PeePeeGate? That says, “I’m so thrilled Colbert has taken a harder political angle, and I hope he leans into this.”

Yeah, it’s childish. And as some have argued, it might be taking some focus off the fact that Trump’s campaign and staff most definitely had significant contact with Russian officials. I’d actually argue the opposite. The segment focused on Trump’s desire to distance himself from Russia, and the gentle reminder “They’ve got video of you doing pee stuff.” Is this the Left’s birtherism? Absolutely fucking not. You’ll remember that birtherism was based on the conclusive evidence that “he doesn’t look like a president” and “he’s got a funny name.” Plus one of his parents was an immigrant so that totally means he must have been born outside of the country, right? And even though there was literally no reason to believe that Obama was born anywhere other than where he said he was, he released his birth certificate anyway. Over two months before the election. It was a rumor that was proven false, and the far(ish) Right insisted on believing it for years anyway. The Trump dossier, on the other hand, was seen as plausible enough to warrant briefing both Trump and Obama about it. And the evidence tying Trump to Russia lends credence to the peepee tape. Moreover, TRUMP BRAGGED ABOUT SEXUALLY ASSAULTING WOMEN, SO YEAH, I COMPLETELY BELIEVE HE’D BE INTO WEIRD POWER PLAYS INVOLVING PERCEIVED POLITICAL ENEMIES.

Which is where this whole thing is really leading. Calling Trump a wildly incompetent, unhinged man-child isn’t going low. Because the guy is a wildly incompetent, unhinged man-child.

That’s right, Donald. You keep showing the word what a big, tough man you are. And I’ll keep mocking you for it in the highest way possible.

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