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Seth Meyers Goes Day Drinking With Rihanna, Who Is Still Too Cool For This

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | June 21, 2019 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | June 21, 2019 |


As Seth Meyers continues his long-running, award-winning* series Day Drinking With Seth, we’ve learned a few things:

1) Yes, Seth does actually get drunk.

2) Seth Meyers, while an incredibly friendly drunk, is not really that cool.

3) Rihanna is absolutely too cool for this.

I think a lot of people were excited about the Rihanna Day Drinking for reasons they shouldn’t have been. Did people really think that Rihanna was going to get sloppy drunk on national TV? No. I repeat, she’s too cool for that. But is she also cool enough to be game about Seth getting sloppy, hysterically drunk on national TV? You’re goddamn right she is. There’s no judgment in her coolness. She doesn’t think less of Seth for getting visibly drunk, it’s just not her thing. And what is her thing? Being willing to try out Seth’s clearly terrible drinks, enthusiastically playing along with Seth’s pick-up line game (his wife is right, “What’s a nice boy like me doing in the big city without his parents?” is possibly the worst line anyone has ever heard anywhere), and giving Seth the best nickname this side of Bone Chambers (Seth. Her nickname for him was “Seth”). Also, she started to give him an amazing cat eye with bright blue, liquid liner, and I might have to steal that. AND she called Avatar “Unicorn.” Which at this point, it might as well have been? Avatar is culturally irrelevant.

My point is, you don’t invite Rihanna to a party because she’s going to get sloppy drunk and sing great songs terribly. You invite her because she’ll get appropriately drunk and sing great songs really, really well. She’s not the party starter, she’s the party barometer. If she’s still cool, we’re still cool. You invite Rihanna because she is perpetually in the party, but not of the party. But she will take a tequila shot from a headless chocolate bunny because she’s that cool.

*Don’t quote me on that.

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