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Fake News Is No Match For Our Current Fake Reality

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | February 17, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | February 17, 2017 |

Let’s play a quick game of Two Truths And A Lie:

1) Yesterday the sitting President of the United States answered a question about Antisemitism by bragging about his “historic” electoral college victory, and shouted down the Jewish reporter who asked the question when said reporter tried to demand an honest answer.

2) Yesterday, President Donald Trump suggested a Black reporter set up a meeting for him and the Congressional Black Caucus asking, “Are they friends of yours?”

3) Yesterday, a White House memo was released stating that all White House employees will begin a conversation with the President by first saying “306” to highlight the “historic” electoral college win.

You were hopefully tipped off that number one is, in fact, true with Dustin’s post last night. But those other two must actually be lies, right? I screwed this game up? I put down two lies and one (depressing) truth?

So yeah. Old buddy 100% asked a Black reporter if she could set up a meeting between his White House and an organization made up of various members of Congress. Because they must be friends. Secondary to the astonishing levels of racism (and yeah, there was nothing not-racist about that), I’m mostly disturbed by the fact that President Trump apparently doesn’t know what a reporter’s job is. Or he doesn’t understand what a White House staffer’s job is. Or he doesn’t know the difference between the two. He definitely doesn’t know something. Like assuming that all Black people know each other is super racist. Or that the current CBC has forty-nine members, so casually asking if they’re “friends of yours” is super weird. Like, you can’t ask if someone is friends with a group of fifty different people. It’s weird.

And as for that last one?

As the responses to this Tweet point out, the memo doesn’t have the official White House seal, it’s not on the official letterhead, and it isn’t signed by Steve Bannon. So it’s probably fake. The fact that when I first saw the letter, I said to myself, “This is fake. Right”? That means we’re all taking crazy pills, doesn’t it? We’re completely through the looking glass? Because if someone explained that this was a rough draft of a memo that was properly released on signed White House letterhead, I would think “Yeah, that’s a totally believable explanation.” AND THAT IS FUCKING CRAZY.

I don’t even have anything fun or poignant to say about this topic. Just that we’re currently in a position where I don’t know what lie someone would tell me about the President that I couldn’t imagine being at least a little true. Except maybe that Trump had done something intelligent in a competent manner. That, at this point, is outside the realm of possibility.

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