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Late Night's Amber Ruffin to Trump: 'You Cannot Win a Twitter War Against Black People!'

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | September 26, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | September 26, 2017 |

Before we get to last night’s “Closer Look,” Amber Ruffin runs down Donald Trump’s Twitter war with the NFL in ways that only Amber Ruffin can.

Is it too early to designate Ruffin as a national treasure?

Meanwhile, Trump has been in office for 248 days. It’s flown by, right? Either that or it’s been an horrific hellscape where every day is worse than the last, yet somehow so filled with crimes, insults, and scandals as to make them nearly innumerable. Definitely one of those two. I bring this up because back during that uncertain period between Trump’s election and inauguration, Sam Bee warned us that we needed to remain vigilant, and not become complacent in Trump’s administration. We needed to remember that this is not normal.

And, yeah, man. We got that covered (note that the Ruffin segment ends this installment of “Closer Look”):

Remember when we were all so afraid that Trump would covertly undermine the very foundations of the country in such an insidiously manipulative way that it would slowly creep into our very consciousness? We’d wake up one day, and slowly realize we’d come to love Dear Leader? It’s a tiny bit funny now in retrospect, isn’t it? That Trump could sneak his way into anything?

So just for the sake of messaging (which Democrats are admittedly still terrible at), let’s change the narrative. Trump isn’t a mastermind capable of any level of subterfuge. He’s a goddamn embarrassment, and a raggedy fool.

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