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Does Donald Trump Know That We Can See And Hear Him? And Just, Like, Facts In General?

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | April 6, 2018 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | April 6, 2018 |


I want to start today by shaming each one of you individually. You’ve all let me down, and you should all personally feel terrible about it. Because way back in 1995 the seminal film Something to Talk About gave us the most perfect response to everything happening in the Trump administration in the form of Julia Roberts banging on a restaurant window, and shouting, “I can see you!”

And yet no one has GIFfed this magic (also I really don’t know how. I can barely Twitter, guys).

But we really need it. Because we’ve reached a stage (and by reached, I mean back in June 2015) where things are just so mind-blowingly, on-its-face fucked up that I have no more response to Trump than “I can see you!”

To wit:

So here’s what I need to know. How do people interact with Trump on a personal level? Not physically how (I don’t want to know about how that happens), but how does the interaction go? Does he tell Paul Ryan that he had the biggest electoral victory in the history of the universe, and Ryan just agrees? Does Trump know that Ryan is lying? Does Trump know that Trump is lying? Do either one of them feel bad about it? Can they even feel shame anymore?

And I get it. There’s a segment of the population that’s as insanely delusional as Trump, and therefore they’ll just never admit he’s been wrong about anything. And since Trump has spent his entire life surrounded by Yes men and never been accountable for anything, maybe he thinks this is what being powerful is?

I don’t want to fall too far down the rabbit hole because I feel like that would get really depressing really fast, but I’ve become increasingly perplexed by the extent to which the Trump brand is focused on superficiality, which everyone can see through. Like, you’re a desirable man because you’ve got a much younger hotter wife? Who everyone knows hates you? You had an affair with a woman whose very job is to embody sexual attractiveness, but she didn’t really want to sleep with you? You’ve been tougher on Russia than anyone else, and everyone knows it? You’re building a wall? You’re a billionaire, but if you look into my finances, I will freak the fuck out all over Twitter? And everyone around him is just pretending this isn’t happening? That reality itself doesn’t need to be acknowledged or addressed? That if everyone ignores this giant problem for long enough, it will go away? Is this what being a WASP is like? My god, the repression.

All of which is to say, I’m pretty sure even shouting at Trump and associates that reality exists with or without them isn’t going to do a lot of good to change their minds, but I do still really want that gif, y’all.

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