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Nothing About Franken’s Resignation Is A Win For Women Because That’s Not How This Works

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | December 8, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | December 8, 2017 |

First off, nothing is ever a thing “for women.” Because women are not a monolith. As many women are unhappy with Franken’s resignation as those that are glad it’s just over.

More importantly, this isn’t what a win is. Check out how Seth Meyers and Co. frame the former Senator’s departure from office.

It’s the first part of a series that also discusses how a powerful businessman used his connections to engage in illegal activities that he has so far not been held accountable for. Behavior he learned from his father, the current sitting President, who’s been accused of sexual assault and harassment twelve times and admitted it twice. WHEN DO WE START CELEBRATING OUR GLORIOUS WIN?

And that’s not to say there hasn’t been progress on outing and removing men who have abused people (that’s another fucking thing, not all victims are women. If we’re going to frame this as a winning thing (and again we really shouldn’t), can we at least be accurate?), it’s only to say the cessation of criminal activity is … kind of just what society should demand? Does everyone else do a victory dance upon arriving home to find their house hasn’t be broken into? Or better yet, at what point in this video should Seth celebrate his win?

I mean, the answer is “When Amber shows up,” but you get me.

But if we’re going to pretend that not being constantly attacked is a win, it’s a win “for society.” If you really think the only reason to not allow for the systematic abuse of an entire gender is because it might make them mad, you’re missing the goddamn point. Franken didn’t resign because a group of women were pissed at him; he resigned because he’d proven himself to be unfit for office. He fucked up, and had to face the consequences of his actions. That’s not a win for anyone other than basic competency.