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If Amber Ruffin Doesn't Like Bitcoin, No One Should Like Bitcoin

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | December 22, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | December 22, 2017 |

So I think we should acknowledge now that for all intents and purposes, 2017 is over. Sure, we’ve got to wrap it up with Christmas and New Year’s, but mostly we’ve entered a time unto itself outside of normal workings. The schools are closed, people are off of work (hopefully), and, most importantly, the internet has become a wasteland. In all of the ways that people (me, mostly) care about, we’re done with 2017.

Which, you know, fucking good.

You were garbage, 2017. Pure, unadulterated, hot circle garbage. And you ended with a shitty, turd sundae of a tax breaks for billionaires. Which I was all prepared to bitch about. Fucking tax plan. Fucking lying Republicans. Fucking Mike Pence. Especially Fucking Mike Pence. Fucking dick. But that changed when the autoplay on YouTube treated me to significantly blood-pressure-friendlier fare. Like:

Late Night saying goodbye to 2017 in the most appropriate way possible

“Have you tried late night host?” is now officially my favorite joke of the year.

Or how they gave us extra Amber Ruffin because Late Night loves us.

#PajibaTen2018. Start updating your lists now, people. Because maybe if we can get Ruffin onto our brainiest, sexiest, best celebrity list, she’ll notice the site, and the fact that we’ve already settled the Bitcoin debate.

Jesus, Margaret! It’s like you’re trying to make Amber hate you. You’re the 2017 of people. Where’s Robin Roberts when you need her?


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