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Trump Is A Worse President Than You Can Imagine

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | June 6, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Late Night TV | June 6, 2017 |

Mike Pence will be a better president than Donald Trump. That’s a loaded statement, but I feel it’s both necessary and accurate. Because there seems to be an idea floating out in the Progressive world that maybe we should hang on to President Trump for a little while longer; that the damage he’s doing to the Republican brand and his inability to get anything done is actually a benefit for Democrats and Progressives. And specifically, if we force the Republican controlled House and Senate to bear Trump’s leadership, they’ll also be unable to pass anything significant enough to do much damage.

It’s bullshit, wishful thinking.

Trump hasn’t been able to pass any bills through Congress, but he’s been able to do plenty of damage. Families are being ripped apart by ICE deportations, relationships with allies have been compromised by leaks in intel, European leaders no longer consider us as a collaborative force, and we just shit on the capital of one of our longest and strongest allies. All of which might be concerning to the Department of Defense except they’re so understaffed it might not actually register.

None of which is to say that Mike Pence won’t be a horror show. He’s a bad person. And he’ll try to enact bad policies that will hurt a lot of people. But he’s also a career politician who knows how to run an Executive Office. I believe this because you know who’s doing a half-way decent job of running the Department of Energy? Rick Effing Perry, and he’s, in medical terms, a goddamn moron.

Plus, we might want to consider exactly how effective Mike Pence will be at rallying his own party after his boss gets thrown out. A year ago as the Governor of Indiana, he had a forty-percent approval rating. So a boring, Midwest politician taking the reins after his outspoken, crass predecessor gets nearly impeached for wildly unethical behavior? I mean, we all remember the great accomplishments Gerald Ford made during his presidency, right?

If nothing else, let’s bear in mind that Late Night was off for one week, and they still couldn’t cover all of the bullshit that came out of the Trump White House. That recap was just from Thursday of last week. Thursday. We all need President Mike Pence because the sheer amount of garbage at this point is nearly killing us.

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