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Alex Jones Is Somehow An Even Worse Person Than You Thought

By Emily Cutler | Last Week Tonight | July 31, 2017 |

By Emily Cutler | Last Week Tonight | July 31, 2017 |

So on the one hand, hooray! He’s back! Last Week Tonight was out for most of July, which in Trump-adjusted-terms is like a solid year-and-a-half for normally scandal plagued administrations. But on the other hand, why you gotta ruin our dreams, John?

Because before the airing of last night’s episode, we got to believe that Alex Jones was simply a madman. One who had tapped into a rich vein of xenophobic anger, but a simple madman nonetheless. He might reasonably believe in Lizard People (who looked suspiciously like Hispanic people in Jones’ racist fevered dream drawings), and that meant that for a brief moment we could all enjoy the gentle hate screams of a legitimate lunatic.

And Oliver ruined that. Because of course Jones isn’t just a crazy person screaming at all threats foreign and domestic (mostly foreign though), and real or imagined. He’s a crazy person screaming at imagined threats for the express purpose of selling garbage that no one needs to people who probably can’t afford it. (Not that I’m defending Jones’ viewers. Not only are those assholes actively consuming these bullshit conspiracy theories, but they’re also actively supporting a man who attacks the parents of Sandy Hook victims because their existence disproves his theories on how exactly their children were murdered. Infowars viewers are garbage in their own way, but no one deserves to be swindled.)

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Which makes Alex Jones worse than just a hate spewing, insanity machine. It makes him a fucking hack. He doesn’t believe in the accusations he’s making against gay water frog bombs. At least not enough to do so for no money. He’s not interested in protecting anything more than his own pockets. In fact, he as much as told everyone that when his ex-wife tried to keep their kids away from him (although I’m sure he had a very reasonable explanation for that for his viewers. Probably something about what he had to say to remain in the “system.” And I’ll bet he used the word “Jew” a lot).

Here I thought Jones was some kind of shining example of the power of true insanity, but really he’s just a charlatan. A snake oil salesman. And we’ve always had those. They’re ordinary. Poor Alex is so much worse than being a true believer (of incredibly vile things). He’s basic.

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