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The Appalling Last 24 Hours Of GOP Politics

By Dustin Rowles | Horror | January 13, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Horror | January 13, 2017 |

It is not getting any better, folks.

1) Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah — who pulled his endorsement of Trump after the Access Hollywood p*ssy grabbing tape, only to re-endorse him later — is now threatening an investigation against the independent Office of Government Ethics. Why? Because the OGE, he feels, has been too critical of Donald Trump’s bullsh*t plan to avoid conflicts of interest. I repeat: Though Donald Trump will essentially be violating the Constitution on his first day in office, a Utah representative is threatening an investigation against the man responsible for ethics oversight. It is straight-up political retaliation.

2) During a town hall meeting, an ex-Reagan campaigner — who initially opposed Obamacare — stood in front of Paul Ryan and thanked President Obama, saying that without the ACA, he would be dead today.

Ryan essentially offered him a lie, saying something to the effect that after the ACA is repealed, it will be replaced with high-risk pools, which do not work. But don’t worry. Paul Ryan also showed the town-hall audience that he knows how to do The Dab. SAVED!

3) The GOP is still operating as though it has a mandate, despite their candidate losing by 3 million votes, and despite their House and Senate losses. Trump’s disapproval rating right now? 51 percent. At the same time during his transition, the disapproval rate for President Obama was 12 percent.

4) News reports confirm that FBI director James Comey personally met with Donald Trump last week to explain to him what was in the unsubstantiated dossier. Meanwhile, while Trump has received personal assurances that the Intelligence Community was not responsible for leaking the dossier (in fact, it was in the possession of a ton of high-ranking officials and journalists), Trump continues to insult the intelligence community.

5) Trump continues to try and deflect attention away from this scandal by casting accusations against Hillary Clinton. Bitch, Clinton has hardly been seen in public over the last two months. She ain’t running for anything anymore. Leave her the hell out of this.

6) We’ve got more intel now on the warrants the FBI applied for and eventually received to investigate irregular contacts between Trump and the Russians. Do not tell me that this isn’t why Trump is so defensive, or why he’s casting blame everywhere else. Don’t tell me he’s not trying to hide something. The intelligence community has been on to him for months, which is exactly why he’s trying to discredit them.

7) The Wall Street Journal published the name of the former British intelligence officer who compiled that dossier. The agent has now gone into hiding, fearing retribution from the Russians. Meanwhile, the reason why the intelligence community suggested the agent had credibility is because his intel helped to uncover corruption in FIFA, the governing body of world soccer, and bring down Sepp Blatter. As Deadspin notes, “Two senior national security officials wrote in a CNN op-ed that they’d known Steele for 20 years and that people should not “question his integrity, excellence, and diligence in intelligence work.” Consider that while you’re pondering whether allegations that Trump colluded with Russians is fake news.

8) Somehow, a Russian television feed took over C-Span for 10 minutes yesterday. Nothing scary about that!

9) The FEC sent Trump a letter with a list of illegal contributions. The letter was 250 pages long. The illegal contribution amount was nearly $20 million.

There was, however, something magnificent to come out of yesterday. President Obama surprised Uncle Joe with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It was an incredibly touching moment. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including Uncle Joe’s.

In leui of an image of Trump or Paul Ryan, today we’re going with Minnie Driver for the header image, because if you’re not watching Speechless, you should know it’s one of TV’s most delightful sitcoms.

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