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Steve Bannon Was a Man with No Address, Who Owned a Jacuzzi Covered in, Uh, Acid

By Bekka Supp | Horror | March 13, 2017 |

By Bekka Supp | Horror | March 13, 2017 |

In a Washington Post investigation that was published last week, it was revealed that Steve Bannon had lived at no fixed address for a number of months in the lead up to and during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In February of 2013, Bannon signed an application to lease a house on Opechee Drive in a neighborhood in Miami. At the time, he told the landlords that he would be living in both California and Florida, with his wife Diane Clohesy. The advantage of maintaining a Florida residency for Bannon, it is thought, is the state’s zero income tax rate for in-state residents. However, The Post could not determine what state Bannon claimed as his primary residence for the purpose of income tax.

The Post found that Bannon left a negligible footprint in Florida. He did not get a Florida driver’s license or register a car in the state. He never voted in Florida, and neighbors near two homes he leased in Miami said they never saw him. His rent and utility bills were sent to his business manager in California.

During the time Bannon rented the house in Miami, neighbors claimed that they never really saw Bannon all that much, if at all.

Later in 2013, Bannon’s wife, Clohesy, became part of an undercover investigation of a jail guard who was suspected of smuggling drugs to another man, her friend, in a detention center. According to the investigation, Clohesy was overheard arranging a delivery of several ounces of marijuana and a cell phone to Clohesy’s friend, the inmate.

During the time of the investigation, Clohesy cooperated with the authorities and even revealed that she had maintained a relationship with the friend who was incarcerated. Her brother, Declan Clohesy, told the Washington Post that Bannon provided her with emotional and financial support during Diane Clohesy’s recovery from drug addiction.

When the Washington Post interviewed neighbors of Bannon and Clohesy in their Miami neighborhood, they were told that Clohesy often had disruptive visitors. There were police reports of excessive noise, cars speeding from the house on Opechee Drive, a car crash, and bright lights shining into neighbors’ windows.

In 2015, Bannon changed his voter registration to an address on Onaway Drive, Miami.

The Post reported that the Opechee house that Bannon rented with Clohesy back in 2013 was left in disrepair - padlocks had been placed on interior doors and some doors removed altogether. In an email exchanged between the landlord and Bannon, and interviews with the landlord, there had been further damage done to the back yard: “[E]ntire Jacuzzi bathtub seems to have been covered in acid.”

A jacuzzi. Covered in acid.

The Washingon Post continues:

‘I’m out of town,’ Bannon replied. ‘is there any way u can talk with Diane and sort things out ???’

The damage was estimated at more than $14,000, according to an accounting by the landlords, who kept the $9,800 security deposit from Bannon and Clohesy.

Kammerer, their real estate agent, said he was troubled by the damage.

‘I would not work with them after that,’ he said. ‘I would not refer them again as clients of mine.’

A couple of things: First off, does anyone else seem slightly troubled by the fact that Bannon responds, in emails, like a 13-year old teenager texting? Secondly, and most glaring of all, THERE WAS ACID IN A JACUZZI. The article does not identify what kind of acid was present. However, I don’t think the standard maintenance chemicals used to clean a jacuzzi (bromine, something to balance the pH, demineralizer etc.) would cause $14,000 worth of damage.

And perhaps I’ve watched Breaking Bad, or Mythbusters too much, but doesn’t it seem like the obvious conclusion to an acid bath was if someone was trying to get rid of something?


Even this fine gent over at Mic came to the same conclusion.

I guess the lesson here is never go to Florida.

H/T Washington Post

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