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On a Scale From 'Don't Care' to 'Shark-Eating Dinosaurs': Ranking the Super Bowl Movie Spots

By Vivian Kane | Guides | January 29, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Guides | January 29, 2015 |

The Super Bowl is just as well known for its commercials as it is for its Katy Perry spectaculars. (And I think there’s a sports thing thrown in between those, right?) This weekend, not only will we see an odd series of ads starring Danny Trejo as a hungry Marcia Brady, but there are also a handful of new movie trailers set to air. Some of them are pretty exciting, while some of them want so badly to be exciting. A good number of them deflated any sense of anticipation by releasing them early online. Either way, on a scale of Why Do I Care to Give It to Me Now, here’s what you’ll see on Sunday.

Couldn’t Care Less: The Divergent Series: Insurgent
If you cared at all about seeing this trailer, Lionsgate went ahead and released it online, just to kill any sense of anticipation whatsoever.

Could Maybe Care Less, But It Would Be Tough: Ted 2
As we learned this morning, Ted 2 doesn’t have enough funny bits to fill a 2 minute trailer, but maybe they can re-edit for a 30 second spot. A rumored Tom Brady cameo in the Super Bowl day ad makes this… not really any more appealing.

Things Going Boom and Our Last Paul Walker: Furious 7
Look, I don’t give a crap about these movies. But the Super Bowl is the perfect time to spend 30 seconds watching cars jump things and crash through other things.

Needs More Cloons, Then We’ll Talk: Tomorrowland
I find myself unexpectedly intrigued by this movie. Maybe it’s my love of all things Disneyland, or maybe I just keep waiting for more Clooney.

I Can’t Help It, I Giggle: Minions
This ad has also been made available online ahead of its Super Bowl airing, and it’s not as good as the movie’s full trailer, but I don’t care. Those stupid little yellow dudes make me laugh every time.

So Many Arnolds: Terminator Genisys
Just… so many Arnolds.

Kickass Colin Firth: Kingsman: The Secret Service
I have no interest in seeing this actual movie, but I have no complaints over 30 second spots of Colin Firth kicking ass.

Also please more Chris Pratt’s Raptor Squad.

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