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Reek and The Boltons Make Up: Some Objective Observations

By Emily Cutler | Game of Thrones | April 20, 2016 |

By Emily Cutler | Game of Thrones | April 20, 2016 |

With the season six premiere this Sunday, the Game of Thrones cast seems to think they still need to promote their show like they aren’t the biggest goddamn thing in the world right now. Maybe it’s still in their contracts. Maybe they actually enjoy doing it. I don’t care because sometimes it leads to moments like this.

And now for those object observations I promised you.

1) Acting Sucks Sometimes

I know a lot of it is playing dress up and awards shows, but also sometimes you have to get into what appears to be a frozen river with 40 pounds of clothes on.

2) Iwan Rheon Is Actually Ridiculously Hot

Ramsay Bolton is a stone cold fox, and I don’t feel good about that. Luckily the actor dislikes his character as much as we do, making it slightly easier to appreciate how well that son of a bitch rocks a suit. But still not great.

3) I Love That European Guys Kiss Each Other On The Lips

American dudes have already adopted the skinny suit and perfectly manicured beards (those both started in Europe, yes?). It’s time for them to fully embrace fully embracing each other.

4) No, Seriously, Ramsay Bolton’s Super Hot

Ramsay Bolton.jpg

This isn’t an early, sneaky entry for the Pajiba 10 (although you might want to start curating those lists), it’s just surprising how I couldn’t notice Rheon’s objectively pretty face before because of what a monster Ramsay is. I’m going to chalk that up to his impressive acting, because “not being attracted to psychopaths” isn’t much for me to be boasting about.

5) How Big Is That Fucking Couch?

I hope this doesn’t sound bigoted, but Englishmen aren’t actually hobbits, right? How come none of their feet can properly reach the floor?

Screenshot 2016-04-20 07.13.18.png
Seriously, how big is that fucking couch?

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