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Kit Harington Has A Lot Of Thoughts On That 'Game Of Thrones' Finale

By Kristy Puchko | Game of Thrones | June 15, 2015 |

By Kristy Puchko | Game of Thrones | June 15, 2015 |

Everybody, okay? Because after last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, we’d understand if some of you have run off screaming into the night, full or terrors though it may be. Well…


Jon Snow is dead, stabbed many, many times in the gut by much of the Night’s Watch, but especially that little asshole Olly. And you know what? Kit Harrington is cool with it. Actually, he’s pretty damn delighted according to this Vulture interview. I recommend checking out the whole thing, imagining his breathy British accent as you read it. But here’s some highlights.

On his hair: he kept it grown out Jon Snow-like so as not to tip his end on the season.

He’s thrilled he can finally talk about it: “It’s like I’ve been sitting on this big fucking secret. I’ve had to watch what I say, but it’s a big moment, it’s a beautiful ending, and it’s how I wanted to go.”

To those of you holding out hope that Jon’s not really dead: “Jon dies,” he said with a grin. “It’s final. He’s dead.”…”This is the most depressing TV show in history. I mean, it’s kind of crushing that in episode eight, they build Jon up to be the hero. He finally gets this heroic moment, and the world watching Thrones goes, ‘Ah! Hope!’ And then… dashed. I know. It sucks,” he laughed. “Right?”

But don’t blame Olly: “It’s actually Jon’s fault. He’s concentrating on the big picture, missing the little hints all around him. If you let a whole bunch of fucking wildlings through your gates, it’s like Israel letting through a whole bunch of Palestinians, or Palestine letting through the Israelis. It’s two warring factions who hate each other, and so you’re going to have dissent, and that dissent comes in its fiercest form, with the final blow.”

(Editor’s Note: we still blame Olly. Fuck that kid. He killed Ygritte!)

Olly was invented for this sick blow: Harrington called the show-created character a “stroke of genius,” adding, “It’s the Julius Caesar moment. ‘Et tu, Brutus?’ It’s lovely. It’s like, ‘Not you! Anyone but you! I could take all the stabs from all the other people, and I’ll look them in the eye and I’ll understand. But not you! Not innocence!’ So it has to be Olly. It wouldn’t have the impact if it’s not him.”

Congratulations, Olly. You’re the worst.


Kristy Puchko hated Olly before it was cool.

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